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Whole-Hearted Session

Spirit called me to share my gifts in a different way, which is where Whole-Hearted Sessions came from. These 30-minute private healing sessions are provided to connect you with the healing energy that you require for a price that you can afford.

Each Wednesday, I open my schedule to book in clients who desire to work with me on a pay-what-you-can or pay-what-you-wish basis. This private session includes the elements of my traditional sessions, provided to you in the most accessible way possible.


These Whole-Hearted sessions were designed to assist Empaths, Sensitives, Lightworkers, and Starseeds during these intense times of the collective ascension journey into higher consciousness. It differs from my long term coaching, where we have an opportunity to unfold the map of your life adventure together and point you in the direction of your dreams. These sessions are able to assist with what is acute at the moment. Think roadside assistance for life.


On the EMpoweredPATH of awakening, I have discovered that many Star Light Beings are experiencing more struggles as we embody these changing energies. For some Star Light Beings, it can be challenging just to be here. You may feel overwhelmed, painful, alone, unmotivated, tired, like you are lacking in abundance, confused, and anxious.


I want you to know that it does not have to be like that! You can have more energy, a better mood, increased positive experiences and blessings, and more Joy in your life! You can experience the same gentle and uplifting embodiment of light energy that you commonly see being shared in the spiritual communities. That energy is accessible to you! If you are in need of that type of healing energy, please consider booking a Whole-Hearted session. You can also consider sharing this with someone you know who may benefit from the added support.



If the large commitment of sacred exchange or time has prevented you from getting support until now, here is your opportunity to end that cycle!


Sacred Exchange: Pay What You Can/Wish/Choose for 30 Minutes of Healing ($111 Value)

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