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Realizing You

Spiritual and personal evolution membership group supporting you to increase with ease your manifesting, self-realizing,

self-healing and actualizing your dreams

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Facilitated by Jade Rehder,
Founder Map 2 Self  Retreats & KLEAR

It’s time to do this . . .Realizing the bigger YOU!

I feel the call to show up during this time of massive upheaval for us all. One of my innate gifts is to be a stable presence during huge changes. Like when I lost my home and all my belongings in September 2020, overall I was able to remain centered and calm while everything in my life changed in a day. I was able to remain grounded and stable while walking through all that came with that loss and creating my new life. And gratefully I had help along the way, both in the physical and non-physical worlds. Now, I am here to help you obtain your ability to remain grounded, focused and self directed through all the changes that are happening now. 

At this time so many of us are feeling the disruptions, unsteadiness, and the level of uncertainty in our world. I was guided that a group vortex was most beneficial to everyone. 

Here is where I will share all of my knowledge, guidance, awareness and what channels through me to assist you in working with your own inner guidance, gifts, and self-realization to create the life of your dreams! Even if you have forgotten how to dream or what you want . . . 

I am tickled to show up and share all the different facets of energy work I have knowledge and experience with to support you in so many ways. I will tend the energy of the vortex we create together. I will create and show up for 7 Live Events each month. I will walk beside you as you grow your inner strength and knowingness. As you experience self-healing, self-realizing, and you show up to be seen and heard while actualizing your dreams.

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In the Group Vortex

This group membership experience is an invitation of support for your personal and spiritual development through self-realization. You receiving the awarenesses through your continuum of consciousness, your high self and beyond while embodied here on Earth 'humaning'. This membership is intended to assist you in developing your self-healing, self-worth and self-trusting ‘muscles’ assisting your embodiment. You discovering more and more of you! 

Actively coding your consciousness and raising your personal vibration to allow you to awaken into more clarity and actively engaging in your full spectrum life. Let's awaken your latent energies with ease and grace.

How will this benefit you? 

Truly only you can answer that!  After having been in the vortex you will know more of what the benefits are for you!


What I do know is available for you in the vortex . . .

                                                                          Community of others self-realizing, just like you

                                                                          Synergistic energy supporting momentum 

                                                                          Clarity for deeper self realization

                                                                          Inspiration to take the actions of your guidance 

                                                                          Encouragement from the group as you achieve milestones

                                                                          Insight to move in the natural flow of your creations

                                                                          Engagement in the physical world to make manifest your dreams

                                                                          Having Fun while growing and expanding your consciousness

                                                                          Being Seen just as you are in all your brilliance

                                                                          Being Heard for the wisdom and knowledge that comes through you

                                                                          Knowing You Have Support throughout each month at your fingertips

                                                                          Being Validated in feeling and expressing how glorious you are

                                                                          Self Healing your wounds and creating freedom, stability, and harmony in life

                                                                          Actively engaged moving toward your dreams, while other do the same

                                                                          Knowing that even when the struggles of life happen you know your Whole

My JOY is walking beside others ready to move into being seen and heard so they can more easily share their gifts with the world. Tending an expanding vortex of awareness, personal growth and actualizing energies assisting others to embrace their potential keeps me in the flow of more insight and support. I see in my own experience how important it is to have support that allows me to be me. Know you will be encourged to show up in your full expression. Our time is now as more and more people awaken and need way showers. I have my 'orders' to show up and assist the other difference makers to have the energy to get out in the world making the impact they are here to make. Is that you?




You will have 7 opportunities each month to come to a live experience on Zoom! Daytime and evening events to work into your life. Recordings of the experiences will be added to the private group within 24 hours. 

On the 20th of the month prior, the next monthly schedule will be posted on the shared Google calendar. 

October Schedule of Live Events 

10/5   6pm PT -  New Moon - Creating with the Elements

10/8   6pm PT -  Witness Circle

10/11 11am PT - Wholeness Session - Self Healing

10/14 4pm PT -  Alchemy Training - Air (Makani)

10/19 6pm PT - Full Moon - KLEARing with Absolute Love

10/21 11am PT - Witness Circle

10/30 6pm PT - Wholeness Session

When you join I'll send you an email with details - private group and you can add events to your calendar making it easy to attend!

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Creating with the Elements

New Moon creation ceremony with clear steps to activate what you are inviting into your life. 

Increasing your manifestion muscle with group energy and magical support.


KLEARing with Absolute Love

Full Moon Ceremony KLEARing the pathway to your awareness that will bring you realizaitions to support your evolution of consciousness.  

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Touching the Surface

Wholeness Sessions

These twice monthly self-healing sessions will be of all different energy modalities including chanting, druming, crystal healing, breath work, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, reiki and Hawaiian energy work. 

Support Group Meeting

Witnessing Circle

Twice a month we will gather and everyone will be given a time to hold the virtual talking stick, so they can be witnessed sharing what they need to share whether it is the challenge they are facing or celebrating what they have created! This is a way to build our listening and being seen & heard muscles. 

You may want to have a quick chat and connect with me before jumping into the vortex! I am here to answer your questions and look forward to seeing you in Zoom. 


Elemental Alchemy Training

Each month we will dive deep into one of the Alchemical Elements Air, Water Fire, Earth and Ether. We will access the expansion of their consciousness through Hawaii. I will share a KLEARing to expand your access and Activate the element. You will have a list of ways to play with the element for the next month so you have it at an embodiment level. This assist you in creatin with the elements.  

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