Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonial: Ashley Wilkenson
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Client Testimonial: Ashley Wilkenson

Client Testimonial: Roger House
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Client Testimonial: Roger House

Client Testimonial: Janai Mestrovich
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Client Testimonial: Janai Mestrovich

Client Testimonial: Marc Wendt
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Client Testimonial: Marc Wendt

"After each session I feel a shift in my thought and being that is noticeable."


“I was a small business owner for eight and a half years and closed my store in August of 2007. For anyone who has put their heart and soul into a project, you know how difficult letting go and moving forward can be. Jade guided me through forgiveness and anger and helped me connect with myself on a deeper level. After each session I feel a shift in my thought and being that is noticeable. My energy is focused and I find that I am able to let go where I need to. I thank Jade for her guidance and support.”    

~ Melanie, Denver, CO







"I have experienced tremendous shifts in energy and focus..."


“I have experienced tremendous shifts in energy and focus… She knows how to get to the core issues hidden deep in the unconscious mind and bring them to the surface.  Jade does this in a loving and supportive way; encouraging you to dig deep & providing you tools you will keep throughout your journey.”    

~ Kristi, Broomfield, CO









"Less self-judgment"


“I have been working with Jade utilizing her Klear program for the past two months. 

These are some of my results:

  • Easier to deal with co-workers

  • Less self-judgment

  • Quieting the inner critic

  • Letting go of disappointment

  • Released sugar addiction”      
    ~ L.L. , Fargo, ND

"I am now finding the clarity and energy I need to focus on what really matters..."


“Dissolving ancient patterns of:

  • Unworthiness

  • Confusion on where Love comes from

  • Over attachment/Co-dependency

  • Procrastination that stopped me from collecting money I was owed which totaled over $15,000.

Even though I knew I had these old patterns, I did not realize how much they were impacting my life until they were dissolved/replace…KLEAR work is “uncovering the veil” I am now finding the clarity and energy I need to focus on what really matters, unencumbered.”   

~ LH – Ashland, OR

"Be prepared for things to be different... And better!"


“Every single time that I have worked with Jade and her KLEAR process,  I have seen dramatic shifts that have helped me immensely. I have not only had emotional and spiritual shifts, but I have seen shifts in my physical health and well being. I would unreservedly recommend Jade and this work to anyone who is interested in real change and improvement in their life. Be prepared for things to be different... And better!”  

~ DT

"I highly recommend working with her!"


“…I’ve successfully worked with Jade for over two years in overcoming energy/challenges that were holding me back.  If you’re feeling stuck, hit a plateau on self-healing and restore forward momentum in your life, Jade can be instrumental in assisting you in overcoming these challenges.  I highly recommend working with her!"

~ Lisa Lu, Kansas City





"My experience was deeply transformational!"


“My experience was deeply transformational! I felt completely safe and comfortable working with Jade. It was very easy to get to the root of my issues...I have so much more clarity in my life. I so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with such a loving soul.”

~ Caily





"The shift is amazing."


“One session with Jade gave me the tools I needed to feel confident about public speaking (a life-long fear), plus it was fun! The shift is amazing.”    

~ Nancy Dutton, Author, Houston TX

"I am now able to experience many things in my life without the bad back-story..."


“Jade has helped me work through releasing and replacing old thought patterns and beliefs with a connection to my divine self (my highest and best interest).  In doing so I am now able to experience many things in my life without the bad back-story attached. I can feel and view it from my highest perspective. I can see clearly the issue before me and move forward without all the old baggage.


“Some of the things I have KLEARed are patterns such as: overthinking, judgment, disappointment, sugar addiction and more.”   

~ Lynette L. – Fargo, ND







"I love my overwhelming feeling of happiness."


“My participation in your KLEAR For Health and Wellness Program has had a very positive affect on my life. I have seen positive changes in my struggle with sugar addiction and many mindset and attitude changes. I love my overwhelming feeling of happiness. Now I can eat 1 cookie and stop even when I am alone. When something goes wrong at work, I no longer hear the inner critic voice cutting me down."    

~ Doreen







"Jade has helped me remove the blocks of self-worth/self love."


“The KLEAR process has helped enormously in my nutrition practice by releasing the pattern of "being invested in their health outcome/I am responsible for their outcome" and changing this pattern to "holding a space for them as whole and capable."  By holding a space for them from this place of trust in their innate healer, I broke free from the pattern of needing acceptance and approval from my clients.  This has freed my energy from being drained by my practice to being inspired to share from my knowledge base without attachment to the outcome as well as having much greater clarity in assisting them with achieving their health goals.


"The KLEAR process has shifted me from being affected by everyone's emotional state around me to being able to discern what is mine and what are other's emotional states.  This has profound effects-before doing KLEARS, I was in pain and feeling depleted - to now being able to access a state of joy/peace/wellbeing from within.


"KLEARing unworthiness/not deserving beliefs and shifting them to feeling worthy/trusting that ‘Source is perpetually giving and offers Infinite Supply.’  Jade has helped me remove the blocks to self-worth/self love.” 

~ Julianne