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Equinox Event 

Thursday 3/19 7pm PDT

Join me to tap into your inner calm during this chaotic time as we go through the balance of dark and light energies during the vernal equinox. 


As we transition from the time of year in the Northern hemisphere of introspection and reflection winter to where we go into the time of growth and new beginnings spring. It feels vital this year to spread and enhance the balanced energies to support the well being of us all. 


I will do a Ho’omanaloa ~ Hawaiian Energy Healing Symbols to Expand Consciousness transmission to assist the release of lower vibrational energies that are creating disharmony for you. We will spend time in silence with a Mantra of self connection to create inner and outer balance 

We will then activate the balance energies through the collective! 


Be a contributor to the wave of calm and balance for the good of the whole! 

Pink Almond Tree Flowers
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