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Soul Clarity Session

In each session you will receive clarity on:

🌟 The name of your personal guide or guardian angel to call on for support during this time of massive expansion​


🌟 What crystal or group of the Stone kingdom would like you to work with them to assist you to have a smoother journey​


🌟 The ancient lineage of knowledge and wisdom it is time for you to study and embody​


🌟 What star system and their gifts are ready to assist you

🌟 The Ascended Master or Arch Angel that is here to mentor you in your growth​


🌟 Your next area to heal focus on in your life to move through so you are free to be your expressive magical self!

This is a very different kind of reading/session. You will be given 6 different groups of energy for you to personally work with to enhance your consciousness and evolve on your path of Joy!


Sacred Exchange $55

Grab Your Time Here 
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