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Shamanic Services

These offerings are energy treatments that are done remotely and independently without you needing to be present. I will let you know what day I will be doing the work. Usually, I can do the work within 72 hours. When your session is complete, I send you a short update via email or messenger on what information I obtained during the session.

The Ho'omanamana Hawaiian Higher Vibe Session will have a short audio recording.

Each Shamanic Session is $111

Home or Office KLEARing and Blessing -

I have done this work for home purchases and sales, break-ups, and challenges with the Spirit world. If you have any questions please ask. 


I need the full address of the property or land. A drawing of the areas where you are experiencing interference or spirits. And a list of what specifically you are noticing and want to be mitigated. 

Bright Room

 Shamanic Healing Infusion*-

This session is a remote healing session to uplifting your vibrational set point and well being. I will work on your energy fields for the physical energy body and beyond. I will share what comes through during the session in a drawing. This information will show you some of what released to accelerate the integration of the higher conscious energy infusion. 

*This can be done for acute conditions only, chronic conditions require a different kind of long term work in my experience. I have different offerings for that level of work. 

I will need a note about the challenge you are asking to heal. 

Mt Shasta Upgrade Transmission - 

I will access the Lemurian codes, crystalline matrix, Diamond Heart Light, Pleiadian team and other magical energies of the sacred vortex of Mt Shasta. I will send you custom waves of higher consciousness to support your personal evolution and growth. I will take your intentions with me and share what comes through. 

What I need is a list of the three intentions you are inviting into your upgrade with the transmission to support in your evolution. Some have asked for more clarity, the release of body struggles, opening of heart, downloading higher light with ease and you can ask for what you desire. If you create on that has a result that you can feel it can make more tangible.

I will share the photos, video, audio and written transmission that come through via Voxer app. You can download for free and it allows higher privacy. I share what comes in for you along the way in my day! There is no scheduled time for you to receive the transmission, so it can continue to expand. 

Waha HaMaMa glyph.jpg

 Ho'omanmana Hawaiian Higher Vibe Session -

Ho'o (to make) mana (life force) mana (exponentially multiplied when a Hawaiian word is repeated)


The majesty of the Hawaiian energy symbols of Ho'omanaloa combined with toning and chanting in Hawaiian is the foundation of my Ho'omanamana sessions. The intention is to raise your vibrational frequency from the inside out. Ho'omanamana will assist you in raising the state of consciousness that you are connected into naturally. These sessions are intended to support you in BEing and Living with Aloha in your heart!

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