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Florence Offerings

Awaken Beyond the Known Session

This is a combination session to experience your 

 multidimensional shift in clarity and energy. This session includes a short Alchemy Chat, Custom KLEAR and Energy Session. Length of time varies with the amount of energy your body and field can receive. You can chose the range for the entire session before we begin.

70-90 minutes $144

100-120 minutes $222

Tune In Session

Energy session including Reiki, Ho'omanaloa and Elemental Healing to assist you in tuning into your high self, guides and inner wisdom. 

30 minute energy transmission 

 Session $77

Insight Readings

My readings are blind. This means you keep the questions to yourself. I do a connection ritual and than share answers at they come through. You discern what answer is to which question. This allows you to be in the position of power. All the wisdom is inside the reading is to animate the information and clarity within you. 

22 minutes $44

55 minutes $88

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