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Love, Light and Aloha


  • Connect to Your Multidimensional Feminine Power

  • Expand Your Prosperity Magnetism 

  • Learn to Use Chanting to Shift Your Field Quickly 
  • Open Your Heart Space to Receiving



We will Gather, Hike to the Vortex, Connect to your Higher Consciousness through the Vortex, go through a KLEAR Channel Expanded Experience KLEARing your way to Embodied Divine Feminine and Prosperity in All Areas of your life, then a Guided Meditation of Connection to your Multidimensional Divine Feminine Self and Guides, Silent Integration time and we will do an ancient Chant practice giving you an easy way to Access these energies in your daily life. 

This is a feminine experience so it will be in the flow and gently paced.

10 am - 2 pm or so


Afterward, we head over to Whole Foods and grab a bite together for those

that want to ask questions and connect more.  

Location TBD*


Sacred Exchange $111

Includes Simply Create Training archives to support your Prosperity (





Come prepared to Hike ~ Footwear, Sunscreen, Water, Snack and anything else you need to be comfortable. 

*Location is being chosen by Source and the KLEAR Team of higher consciousness energies.

Details will be delivered on Thursday 2/21 PM

Questions please reach out 808-640-5673 or

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