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Map 2 Self ~ Into the Heart
Redwoods Experience
 October 7th - 11th, 2022

Redwood with Light.jpg

Communion and Communication with the Tree Mothers and Vortexes

Meditating with the ancient ones brings you insight, codes of consciousness and activation of your magical connection with the forest kingdom. 

We will tap in a few different ways to broaden your communication skills with the nature kingdom. 


Fire Ritual on Blue Full Moon of All Hollows Eve

What an outstanding lineup of Magic on a Blue Moon (the 2nd full moon in a month) on Halloween! We will create a sacred fire and connect into the amazing energy alignment of this special day! 

Bring your musical instruments and your voice!

Oregon Coast .jpg

Meditations and Time with the Ocean 

The ocean can represent all the mana of the world. You have the opportunity to expand your connection and clarity with the multiple practices of connection and meditations we will do in partnership with the ocean.

Painting on Canvas

Creatively Express Your Energy 

Enjoy time to tap into different creative projects to actively work with your energies in creating a physical representation of embodied energies. Soul Light Expression painting, Invitation bowl or a surprise.

Redwoods 2020 Creative.png

Pure Love in Your Creativity and  Expression

Crystal or Essential Oil Essence​ Roll On 

Create Personal Pure Love Prayer Bowl  

Hand Make Spa Bath Products 

Paint Your Vortex Energy 

Crystal Wrap and Play

When time allows I will share a few creative products and you will have access to a creative supplies to get your energy expressions manifested into a creation. 

Jade Rehder

After over 20 years adventuring in the world of awareness and consciousness I am so grateful to hear the calling to share the Joy, Light, and Magical Experience of Playing in the Redwoods vortex with a group of Light adventurers this fall. I am excited to co-create the experience of magic that unfolds for you with the Redwood Forrest and the Magical Pacific Ocean.


The majestic tree mothers and healing waves of the Pacific bring codes of source and awareness you can receive no where else. I live close and visit often as I have a deep heart connection to many of the energies and consciousness that call the Redwoods, Pacific and surrounding areas home.


If you are feeling the call join us!

Hat Headshot.jpg

We will adventure in the energies of the Full Moon Blue Moon and All Hallows Eve giving us expanded access to transcendence of deep wounds of the past in this life and alternate experiences.

Opening us to healing the Mother/Feminine Wounds that we are being asked move beyond in a self healed and fully supported way. Allowing you to feel even more wholeness and personal agency. So often we weren't give the opportunities to access the flow of feminine power and magic at the pinnacle transition points of our lives. 

Connecting to the Earth Magic that is naturally inside you and tapping into the magical energy that powers up your individual sovereignty. You will create your own incantation of power. 

Energies of this time activate new awareness, openings, codes of knowledge, and connection to your cosmic home. Expanding your human mind and enhance your connections with your multidimensional Eternal Self. 

Expanded opening to your multidimensional self and awareness are easily accessible in this vortex of experience. 

This  is an experiential journey of inner awareness, personal expansion, release, experience, adventure, embodiment, self-realization, vibrational increase and conscious evolution.

What is included is in the retreat. 

  • Group meditations

  • KLEAR channel experiences 

  • Discussions and sharing of your experiences

  • Adventures out to the redwoods, beaches, and rock hounding.

  • Night adventure to play with the Star brothers and sisters at the ocean.

  • Activations

  • Transmissions

  • Creative supplies 

  • Group Hawaiian Ho’omanaloa energy session

  • Surprises 

  • Me as your magical tour guide and tender off the magical vortex of Experience

We will do much of our retreat experiences outdoors on the land to allow the transmissions of Source codes to flow through with ease. 

So be ready to be outside in all different weather. I will send a ideas of what to bring list after you registered. 

Food, transportation and lodging are on your own giving you the ability to make this your kind of experience. Rooming with others or in your private room. ** We will be adventuring from the View Crest Lodge in Trinidad, CA. At this point there are no rooms on site, but there are other hotels near by. 


We are doing a pre-planned and prepped meal share so that food is very healthy and reasonable. 

Arrive sometime on Friday, October 30th we will gather that evening and connect.

 We will open the experience and play in the Full Moon, All Hallows Eve energies Saturday 10/31 starting at 12pm Noon - 12 am Midnight+ than continue our adventure through the evening 11/4. We will actively adventure and experience the magic of the ocean and the redwoods in an organic flow. I will let you know the evening before what time and what to have ready for the following. ***You may choose to include Thursday 11/5 as an integration day and see the retreat as 6 days long.***Staying an extra day to integrate can be fun, beneficial and I highly recommend it! 

Reach out and let's talk if you feel you are called. I will be happy to assist you in any way to connect the dots so you can join us! 

Airport that are easy access to Eureka/Arcata Airport less than 20 minutes from Patrick's Point 

Financial Energy Exchange - this is very fluid as Spirit says do it and let it unfold


Retreat $555 - $888 you choose* 

Retreat Expanded includes Private Energy Sessions $889 - $1111 you choose* this includes 2 private energy or transcendence sessions with me before, during (where time allows), or after the retreat (4 of these available

I am open to receive whatever your heart calls you to chooses as an energy exchange. 

Reach out to me about payment options and we will connect and get the energies rolling.

Message me ore text me at 808-640-5673 

All proceeds of this retreat will be used to replace items lost in the fire for my consciousness and retreat work. I so appreciate the opportunity to be with you!

Venmo @Jade-Rehder

Cash App $AlohaJade11 ~

You can mail or bring me a check

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