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I am a BEing of Love, Light, and Power

When I am BEing from a place of Love, My Light shines and My Power glows.

I am created to Stand in Love, Light and Power.

I am created to Live in Love, Light and Power.

I have all the help I need at the seen and unseen levels.

My family, teachers, friends, guides, angels, higher self, and spirit helpers are supporting always.

I am helping others at a seen and unseen level.

I can help others from here now.

I have done this before and I am doing it NOW!

I flow the understandings that are presented to me from the seen and unseen.

I am gifted with information for myself and others and I share these empowering words and ideas.

I am being taught consistently on a seen and unseen level who I AM. Remembering We Are All One.

I am being taught while I am asleep and while I am awake.

I remember to come from pure love, allowing the light to shine through me.

My Power is used to awaken to the gift of Love inside me and everyone.

My Light is to shine always being an example for others to allow their Light to shine. This is my purpose.

My Love is pure and ever growing as I allow all the energy that is me to expand into the physical.

I am human I make mistakes. I choose to learn from them allowing me to grow and transform into the Lightworker I am.

I co-create everything in my experience. I take responsibility for my life, energy and thoughts and what they manifest.

I remember I am at choice in all situations.

I learn from what I have attracted into my life the bad and the good. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.

I share pure Love, Light and Power, always in all ways.

Channeled from My Heart 2016 revised 2018 Jade Rehder


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