I am a BEing of Love, Light, and Power

When I am BEing from a place of Love, My Light shines and My Power glows.

I am created to Stand in Love, Light and Power.

I am created to Live in Love, Light and Power.

I have all the help I need at the seen and unseen levels.

My family, teachers, friends, guides, angels, higher self, and spirit helpers are supporting always.

I am helping others at a seen and unseen level.

I can help others from here now.

I have done this before and I am doing it NOW!

I flow the understandings that are presented to me from the seen and unseen.

I am gifted with information for myself and others and I share these empowering words and ideas.

I am being taught consistently on a seen and unseen level who I AM. Remembering We Are All One.