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Empowering Empaths: Why Focus on Raising Your Consciousness?

Have you noticed that when you are in a better state of Being, more good things come to you? I sure have. Yet when you’re contracted, your awareness becomes limited and your energy falls into low vibrational frequencies of emotions. You then manifest uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences. As Empowering Empaths, we can raise the consciousness on the planet to ride the wave of positive manifestation.

I’m not saying that being at a higher level of consciousness allows everything you want to come your way, but my experience has been that the things that are in my highest and best interest flow in more easily when I am resonating at a higher frequency of consciousness. This has held true no matter what was going on in my life: the bad, the ugly, the good and the glorious.

Dr. Larry Dossey, author of numerous books on the mind and its effects on well-being, states how expanding your consciousness affects many aspects of your life. When you have an experience or are given information on a subject, topic or concept, you only have the capacity to comprehend the experience or information in direct proportion to your level of consciousness at that time. His is analogy went something like this: when your consciousness is the size of a golf ball, then your understanding of it is the size of a golf ball, your awareness around it is the size of a golf ball, and the next morning when you rise, your consciousness will be awakened to golf ball size.  

This makes so much sense to me. I have noticed in my own evolution, as I embrace the higher levels of consciousness, that I understand things more easily, my awareness expands, and I wake each morning in more gratitude and appreciation. I have observed this in my peers, colleagues, and clients as well. 

It is exciting to see that so many people are following deeper, more expanded concepts so quickly. This tells me that as a group we are increasing consciousness!

Your level of consciousness has an effect on the level of emotional attachment you are putting into every thought or feeling. And your thoughts and feelings affect your ability to stay at a higher vibration of awareness. When you raise your consciousness you have a new “normal” set point, the place you fall back to when you are focused elsewhere. Your normal set point is like a minimum temperature on your furnace’s thermostat. With your new vibrational set point, you have access to what you desire at that frequency of experience. 

It’s like a radio station. If you are tuned to oldies at 98.5 FM and what you want is new jazz at 100.0 FM, you will not hear what you are after until you turn the dial.  When the dial of your set point of your consciousness is raised, you will reach those positive experiences you have requested at that level!

As your evolutionary empathic consciousness expands, you increase the amount of light you can hold in your energy fields. As you hold more light, you can attract more light. The basic concept of like attracts like applies here. 

As an evolutionary empath, you will notice more light and love in everything around you. You can more easily release judgment about things you or others have said or done. You can look through the eyes of your higher self on a more regular basis.


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