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Be an Empowered Empath to Conquer Your Anxiety

Aloha! Do you know how to be an empowered empath to conquer your anxiety?

Today I’d like to share a little bit about what anxiety is doing to us. I was looking at a Harvard research study on anxiety and it stated that anxiety is affecting almost everyone in the US.

A person with High Functioning Anxiety may look calm on the surface yet can be experiencing negative thoughts and physical symptoms on the inside. These symptoms show up as nail biting, foot tapping, sleeplessness, drug and alcohol use, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, negative self-talk and perfectionism to mention just a few symptoms. 

On my journey as an Empath Whisperer, I discovered that I suffered from High Functioning Anxiety. Wow, that was an eye-opener! I thought I had become very calm but what I realized was I had lost touch with my true feeling and had been stuffing and storing different forms of anxiety.

The anxiety study from Harvard talked about the emotional and the physical responses to anxiety. Let's talk about some of the emotional first including the feeling of apprehension or dread. I keep hearing comments from clients and friends such as, “I just feel like there's an impending doom, Jade.” “I feel like the other shoe is going to drop” and “It's just going to get worse and worse and worse!” 

This heavy…heavy feeling that so many people are talking about is like they feel a massive sense of dread that is creating an increase in anxiety and tension. In the following statement shared by a client, note the desperation and panic in the words, “I am watching for the Danger, Danger, Danger . . . something is going to happen. I just feel like something's going to happen.” 

This direction of thinking and the stream of consciousness does not serve anyone. It keeps you from being present in the moment. Fear based on the future or the past causes anxiety and can be felt by others in the energetic world. 

As an empowered Empath, you are aware of the world of energy and what you focus on you create.

If you are energetically setting yourself up to experience the worst happening, there is relief in sight! 

Are your thoughts and words pre-paving, forecasting, and rehearsing chaos? Does chaos show up in the form of anxiety, just like you passionately rehearsed it? Are you having trouble concentrating? This is another form of anxiety that creates confusion. Lack of concentration because of emotional or mental chaos could be the energy of anxiety running inside you. Being tense and jumpy is another sign of High Functioning Anxiety. 

I have been working on myself for nine months on releasing tension in my head and neck since I was in a car accident in July of 2016. The accident triggered an intense stress response in me. It felt as if my ears were at my shoulders because my shoulders were raised up with tension. Now that they're in their proper place I’m happy to tell you that my creative energy flows freely again! 

Irritability is another from of emotional anxiety many empaths experience. You may be sweet and kind by nature yet get very irritable too. Do you get irritable? 

I do, I'll own it. In fact, one time I wrote a list of symptoms for my holistic health practitioner to view, out of the 36 symptoms that I was suffering from irritability was written down twice. My holistic health practitioner said, “So, are you really irritable?” I was irritable, yet didn’t realize it. I was thankful to her for bringing that to my attention. I was easily able to release that emotion in a KLEAR. 

And you know the feeling when your mind's gone blank? I'm hearing a lot of this from people of all ages, “I can't remember, Jade.” Did you know that often that isn't a mind cloud or a senior moment, it's anxiety taking you offline.

That's what I see anxiety does for so many of empaths. It takes you off the line of interconnection, being in the joy and love that you deserve to experience while you are here on earth. 

How about the physical symptoms when empaths are running anxiety: pounding heart, sweating, headaches, stomach pain, dizziness, frequent urination and diarrhea. Shortness of breath is one physical symptom that I'm watching amplified. As people flip into mass anxiety physical symptoms start to occur which causes thoughts that there is something wrong going on physically in their body, yet when checked out by a medical physician they find there is no sign of illness. I totally honor the medical side of everything, yet I want to bring to light that perhaps the patient is dealing with a ton of anxiety? Muscle tension, twitches, shaking, trembling and insomnia are all signs of anxiety too. 

When you awaken to your extrasensory perception, you have a deeper and a stronger awareness of your true potential to expand. And when you have a stronger awareness you are ready to create a different ex