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Are ADHD, Highly Sensitive, Intuitive and BEing Extremely Hooked-Up with Source Connected?

Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a label that they have give to many of us highly sensitive people who are connected multi-dimensionally, seeing, hearing, feeling or sensing our intuitive guidance, experiencing our spiritual gifts and have an expanded connection with Divine/God/Source/Universal energies?

With our connection and expanded awareness, there is a higher level of activity in our energy fields than a typical person. We are different than what many label as ‘normal’. We literally have a different connection wiring, sensory perceptions and experiences than other people. I will do a blog in the future on the science of this. Today let's focus on practical ways to do energy self-care!

I would really like to hear your take on this perspective . . .

We have so many young people in the past 30 years or more that have been labeled as ADHD and then given substances that reduce their natural tendencies. In my experience it lessens their natural connection to Source, their intuitive gifts reduce, and it turns down their natural creative expressive personality. If this is you please share so we can understand at a deeper level what happens.

If I‘d been born in the 80s instead of the 60s I would’ve been labeled ADHD. I talked all the time because I had so much information to share and I had a billion questions. I wiggled all the time. I thought faster than the teacher taught, so I was often bored and distracted. I daydreamed out the window waiting for something new or interesting to come along. I had so much information coming into my awareness all the time multi-dimensionally that I was often out of my body and wiggling kept me aware of my body. Wiggling also released some of the excess energy I had running through me.

As a child I could be having a conversation inside my head, with two or three of my friends in front of me and with an unseen energy that was communicating with me all at the same time.

About a decade ago there was a young son of a friend that was having a tough time at school. The education staff wanted to medicate him so that he would comply with the way they wanted children to act. I had the opportunity to spend a little time with him and gave him a pocket rock of black tourmaline. With his calming rock he was able to still be himself and be more present in the classroom. I told him to rub it when he wanted to get up and move around. It worked he stayed connected yet could participate in a way that works for everyone including him.

Would you share what natural DIY solutions you’ve used for yourself or your children?

I’m passionate about expanding this conversation so that children and adults can be their natural sensitive and intuitive self while getting along here on earth.

Crystals that have Alchemical Earth energies that are calming, grounding, and relaxing that will support you in being centered include black tourmaline, hematite, garnet, amber, bloodstone, peridot, petrified wood, pyrite, serpentine and smoke quartz.

I adore creating energy self-care DIY practices. Here a couple of my favorite!

UNWIND This energy practice releases the excess active energy that has built up inside you relaxing your energy field.

1) Turn to the left with you entire body like you are slowly twirling or putting your hand on your leg and make a circles to the left. You’re unwinding energy in the physical energy field. Do this 4-8 times.

2) Now noticed what you are experiencing in your body and energy level, Are you calmer, more relaxed, peaceful or do you feel bigger?

3) Do this as often as you would like. You are opening your energy field and expanding the capacity to hold the higher vibrations coming into you.

*If you’re doing this with a small child put a toy in their left hand and ask them to follow the toy around and around. It helps to have them tap the toy on a bed or couch on each round and it’s fun too!

THE DRAIN This is a practice is to release and remove the heavy weighing down energy you have stored. Plus it raise your vibration by enhancing your energy field.

1) Imagine or pretend that there is a drain underneath you like in the shower. Ask mother earth if she will transmute and transform the energy that comes through the drain for you into beneficial energy for All. Thank her!

2) Ask cleansing rain to come in from the Divine/God/Source/Universe and begin cleaning your energy field. As the water goes through your field it cleans out the heavy energies and they go down the drain!

3) Request that the rain cleans off other peoples energy, negative and any other energy that no longer serves you out of your physical energy body. (If it is feeling too intense ask the holes in your drain to become smaller)

Wait until it feels like your physical body has released energy. You may see it, feel it, know it or discern it has released than move to the next step.

4) Continue by asking one at time your emotional energy field, your mental energy field and your spiritual energy field to be cleaned and cleansed.

5) Now let’s raise your vibration. Ask golden light to come in from the Divine/God/Source/Universe and fill every space where that energy that released used to be. This golden light will raise your personal vibration, expand your awareness and support your well-being.

You can put a drain anywhere! In your car, under your bed, your desk, anywhere that needs cleaning up!

One my favorite places to use the drain is in a hotel on the room and the beds.

You can make as many Drains as you want. Remember that it will continue working until

you ask them too close.

My intention with this blog is to support and expanded awareness multi-dimensionally so that we can all enjoy our time here on earth.

Blessings of Aloha! Jade Rehder Multi-Dimensional Coach Master Energy Alchemist Mom of 3 Magical Adults © 2018 Jade Rehder ~ Please share the with the credits


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