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KLEAR the Pisces Shadow Imprints

the Pathway out of the Narcissist Empath Trap and Co-dependency 

We have fully entered the Aquarian age as a collective consciousness! This is great news as this influence is creating an opening to get rid of the old that no longer serves us. The shadow of the previous influence is disturbing many of our lives as it is up to be transcended individually and as a collective. The Victim, Martyr, Hero, and Savior complexes are impacting the magic of the energies here to support us now. 

The influence of these energies is connected to patterns, imprints, and conditions that we face every day. They create self-sabotage, self-doubt, overthinking, over-doing for others, and needing to fix everything to name few. The Aquarian time of Awakening is bringing you situations to experience the shadow so you are willing to grow and create something better. 


The shadow of Pisces feeds the co-dependent cycle of energies which keeps you trapped and dependent. The beliefs around that you must suffer and sacrifice yourself to grow and evolve has pasted, yet for most of us, it's still clinging to us for its dear life. KLEARing the shadow allows you the opportunity to transcend thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. All of these shadow energies have you shrinking and dulling your life. 


The time is now to get KLEAR and Shine Your Light!

We will go about this in a unique way as KLEAR is multi-dimensional Experience of Alchemy and Transcendence. Some of it you may feel it, yet the vast majority is beyond your feeling body. What is outstanding with KLEAR is that there is no emotional and mental processing!!! Let me repeat myself: there is no need to think or feel about what you are transcending. The energetic Alchemy changes the state of the pattern into your most expanded and pure consciousness vibration. You will notice a calibration to an expanded vibration and space for more connection, joy, and creativity. 

To get out of the shadow you must allow yourself to transcend all 4 energies victim, hero, martyr and savior. If you are unable to join live you will have the opportunity to do the work with the recording. 

Each session we will gather, connect and dive into the awareness of the complex that each of these influences creates. I will share a number of behaviors, patterns, and sabotagers that the specific component we are KLEARIng that session is likely contributing to your life. This will allow you the awarenesses of areas to observe so you can notice what has changed or shifted for you. You will also have a chance to chime in on what you would like to have awakened during the KLEAR. 

Our fifth session will be where we Awaken the Energies of the Aquarian Age setting the yummy energies in action in your energy field assisting you in creating a life of more happiness, joy, and light! 


Group KLEARing Sessions ~ 6pm PT/7pm MT/8pm CT/ 9pm ET

Monday 11/21 - Savior Complex

Monday 11/28  - Hero Complex

Monday 12/05 - Martyr Complex

Monday 12/12 - Victim Complex

Monday 12/19 - Awaken the Aquarian Energies

   5 Group Session Earth Dollar Exchange $222



   Includes Private Group on Telegram for discussion, messenger support for questions or feedback and recording posted in 24 hours

Reach out if you need other arrangements

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