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You know you are here to heal, teach, and create in the world by expressing what it is you are here to share. You ARE doing it by just being you . . . yet you know you can do it in a bigger way making a greater ripple of positive change and awakening.


You have been working on yourself yet still you feel resistance, blocks, lack of trust and what feels like outside forces keeping you from reaching the harmony in your world you know is here for you. You want more clarity, alignment and flow in your daily life.

"Done away with limiting beliefs!"

"I have worked with Jade for well over a year now and with her assistance, I've made some amazing changes in my life! … I've worked at resolving many root causes of emotions and thought patterns that no longer served my highest and best life.  Done away with limiting beliefs!  I've also learned so much from working with her as an awakening empath and her outstanding coaching abilities.  Highly knowledgeable and she freely shares these wisdom gems in our sessions!  While it's challenging to describe all the wonderful, and all-encompassing work I've accomplished with Jade, I absolutely highly recommend working with her.  She's light and loved based and all of her practices are derived from these places.   I know my life is in a tremendously different and better place now than it was 14 months ago and I'm still on my journey…”    

~ Lisa Lu, Kansas City

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