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Based on ancient numerology from Australia that was passed down by word of mouth until the late 1980’s when the information holder Taymera shared it. My teacher Maggie Connor assisted in getting this sacred information that allows a chosen number of practitioners the privilege to share it with their clients. This pure and clear numerology shares your Dharma ~ the gifts and talents and your Karma ~ life experience energies that are your teachers. This birth chart has more information than you can find on the web or in a book about your numerology.

Additionally, I do a meditation reflecting on the interaction of your Dharma/gifts and Karma/teachers and how they are affecting your life experience. As a channel, I am sharing this information with you in a stream connected to your expanded energies coming through to bring you expanded awarenesses. This information will shed some light on some past experiences and where the seed of the energy of those experiences originates. It will also give you the information and power to overcome your Karma with awareness and the insight to expand and share your gifts and life purpose. I will provide you with a visual of Karmic load. You will learn the theme energy of your experience past, present, and future, your power number, your personal year and where to pay attention this next year. Your gifts are ignited into expanded energy to support you in living from your true self. 

While doing the reading for on the phone or on Zoom I will record it, so you can revisit it to get deeper insight over time. I will send you written charts and the recording 3 days after we do the session. This gives you time to integrate the reading before you go into the information cognitively. 

To do your numerology I need the full name on your original birth certificate and full date of birth. 

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