Embody Your Expanded Self

Mt Shasta, CA August 6th -10th, 2020

Evolve your Consciousness, Ignite your Light and Connect! 

Walk with me for 5 days gaining expanded access to the mystic within. Enhancing your connection to the teacher inside creating a container of limitless possibilities where you can literally step from one reality to another in an instant.  This field of awakened consciousness quickens you to its frequency, dissolving all illusion. Anything is possible in the mystical shamanic realms.


I will share with you tangible ways to deepen your relationship with your deepest knowing, your higher self and your multidimensional reality participate experientially by finding and following your inner guidance while on retreat.  In this way, you will experience, know and follow your higher self in every moment.


Sacred sites are powerful places where the earth’s energy is concentrated into a magnetic concentration frequency creating vortexes of all possibilities. In Mount Shasta, there are many vortexes where the potency is even more refined & specific allowing expanded connection to the unseen support assisting you to release and expand exponentially. These sites amplify & accelerate all awakening, experience, and transcendence. Mt Shasta is one of the most powerful with connection to the seen and unseen realms.  


Embodiment occurs as you willing to allow an experience into your cellular memory beyond the mind and into the body so you bring the essence of it into your daily life. Your expanded self is the result of you allowing you to encounter the access to your Spiritual gifts and inner magic building the relationship so you can call upon and experience them with ease in your day-to-day life. Living your life with a team of unseen allies ready willing and able to assist you!


Embody Your Expanded Self is a 5-day adventure in nature, creativity, and expression . . .


Experiences for this retreat include:

~ Ceremony at Sacred Vortex

~ Hiking Waterfall Trails

~ Meditating with Your Nature Allies

~ Collecting Sacred Stones

~ Crafting Implements of Connection

~ Sound Alchemy Experience

~ KLEARing to Your Expanded Self

~ Activations of Light Codes

~ Harmonzing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

You will have some alone time each day to allow you to integrate, calibrate, and do your ‘thang’. 


Together we will positively impact the collective consciousness. You will be at a new access point to timelines of creation and experience. You will be looking through your 5D integrated eyes and experiencing 7D transcendence assisting you to live more deeply in your heart. You will have many more tools in your energy self-care toolbox.


$777.oo*Abundance Exchange USD Includes all activities and creative projects.

Does not include lodging, transportation or meals. Resources for lodging and more. 


Space is limited. Sign-up Today! 

*Sacred Exchange received is non-refundable, but can be transferred to other services or future retreats.

Contact me with any questions: direct message, call or text 808-640-5673, or email doyoufeeldifferent@gmail.com

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