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Embody Your Expanded Light

Mt Shasta Vortex 

August 7th -12th, 2021

Headwater Mt Shasta.png

Headwaters Activation of Gold & Breathing at Grandmother Tree

Meditating for activating the Gold in your body with the ancient waters of Mt Shasta. 

In the park we will do hiking through the woods meeting grandmother tree and

do breathing experience with her. 

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 12.53.05 PM.png


with BEings of

Mt Shasta

We will have a chat about the different being that call Mt Shasta home and use it as a portal. We will than go up on the mountain and do a silent connection meditation.

You will have the have opportunities to adventure into nature.

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River and Waterfall Hike and Resonating Experience

We will hike a triple waterfall trail and spend magical time connecting into the elements of creation and the nature kingdom.  

Medicine Lake.png

Medicine Lake and Glass Mountain

This will be a full day adventure of experiencing being in the field of obsidian field vortex than travel to the stillness and connection at your inner medicine at the lake. 

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Pure Love in Your Creativity and  Expression

Crystal or Essential Oil Essence​ Roll On 

Create Personal Pure Love Prayer Bowl  

Hand Make Spa Bath Products 

Paint Your Vortex Energy 

When time allows I will share a few creative products and you will have access to a creative supplies to get your energy expressions manifested into a creation. 

Jade Rehder

After over 20 years adventuring in the world of awareness and consciousness I am so grateful to hear the calling to share the Joy, Light, and Magical Mt Shasta vortex with a group of Light adventurers this summer. I am excited to co-create the experience of magic that unfolds for you on Mama Shasta.

I lived on the mountain for 2012 and 2013 actively working with the shift of winter solstice 2012, crystalline grid of myself and the Earth/Gaia, St Germain, the Violet Flame, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lemurian energies, crystals and other energies of expansion. I still live close and visit often as I have a deep heart connection to many of the energies and consciousness that call the mountain and surrounding areas home.


If you are feeling the call join us!

We will adventure in the energies of the peak and completion of the Lion's Gate portal

8/8 ~ Stargate Opening for galactic starseeds and the completion of the portal 8/12.

Connecting to the Star Sirius with it's royal energy that powers up your individual sovereignty.

This time is a new cycle of creativity of Sirius and the Leo energies.

Energies of this time activate new awareness, openings, codes of knowledge, and connection to your cosmic home.

Expanded opening to your multidimensional self and awareness are easily accessible in this window of energy. 

Huge activation energies of awakening happen every year. 

All are supported with the star Sirius being at it's closet to Earth for the year.

Sirius always working with us to expand and realize. 

Big connections to the Egyptian energies connect to Sirius are flowing too. 

This  is an experiential journey of inner awareness, personal expansion, trancsendence, experience, adventure, embodiment, self-realization and conscious evolution.

What is included is in the retreat. 

  • Group meditations

  • KLEAR channel experiences 

  • Discussions and sharing of your experiences

  • Time to adventures out to the mountain, waterfalls, lakes, & hikes

  • Night play with the Star brothers and sisters

  • Activations

  • Transmissions

  • Creative supplies 

  • Pre-retreat audio transmissions to assist in getting ready

  • Group Hawaiian Ho’omanaloa energy session

  • Surprises 

  • Me as your magical energy guide and tender of our magical vortex 


I will send a ideas of what to bring list after you registered. 

Food, transportation and lodging are on your own giving you the ability to make this your kind of experience. 

Arrive sometime on Saturday August 7th. We will gather and play in the stargate energies Saturday night at 6:30pm Sunday August 8th - Thursday August 12th will be our full days of adventuring and joying together. Staying an extra day or two to integrate can be fun and beneficial too! 

I have reserved shared rooms at the Cold Creek Inn where the cost ranges from $400 - $600 for Saturday - Thursday depending on if you are in a room with two or three beds. 

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