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Embody Pure Love 

Redwoods and Oregon Coast

March 20-24, 2019


with the

Ancient Ones

Spend time in sacred circle with the Stillness and Silence of the Ancient Redwood Grandmothers.  Heal, Connect and Awaken 

Your Earth Magic

Circles in the Sand Labyrinth

Walk at the Ocean 

In Silent meditation We will go Inward and Embody the

Pure Love of the Ocean and beauty of one-of-a-kind the

Sand Art Labyrinth.  

River Hike and Healing

Enjoy Smith River the

Wildest and Cleanest River

in the Country! 

KLEARs to 

Pure Love

We will go deep to KLEAR, Heal and Awaken Expanded Pure Love and Light! 

Pure Love in Your Creativity and  Expression

Equinox Full Super Moon Ceremony with the Ocean 


Intuitive Pure Love Expression Painting

Create Your Personal Pure Love Prayer Bowl  

Hand Make Spa Bath Products 

Jade Rehder

Twenty years ago I stepped on a path of Iridescent Sparkles! I am excited to share the magic of Cosmic Shamanism, Ancient Hawaiian Huna, KLEAR, Elemental Alchemy, and Star Family experiences with you. Together we will Play into the Big Magic of the Omni-verse and Expand into Multi-dimensional Fun! 

Wednesday 3/20


  • Arrive at your space for Pure Love Embodiment at 3PM

  • Breathe and Settle In

  • Dinner

  • Opening Circle

  • Stacked KLEAR Channel Experience to Connect and Expand into the Embodiment of your Pure Light

  • Equinox Ritual for Increasing Pure Light and Growth

  • Midnight Full Moon Hawaiian Ceremony on the Beach of Releasing and Healing

  • Calling in Our Star Family


Thursday 3/21

  • Chanting in the Light at the Ocean to Enhance Your Pure Light Embodiment

  • Dancing in the Light

  • Breakfast

  • Stacked KLEAR Channeled Experience to Support Connection to Nature and Devic Kingdom of the Del Norte Redwood Forrest; Meditate with the Ancients to Deepen Your Connection with the Earth

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Smith River Hike with a Guided Meditation to Embody Flow

  • Dinner

  • Creative Expression with Intuitive Painting

  • Star Family Work with the Sky



Friday 3/22

  • Chanting in the Healing of Pure Light

  • Dancing to Express Pure Light and Love

  • Breakfast

  • Stacked KLEAR Channel Experience to Connect to Whales and the Akashic Records

  • Harris Beach State Park for Whale Watching and Chanting to the Whales

  • Meditation with the Whales and Akashic Records

  • Lunch

  • Natural Bridge Park Hike

  • Higher Self Pure Love Meditation on the Bridge

  • Dinner

  • Stacked KLEAR to Expression of Your Pure Light

  • Creating Expression with Prayer/Offering Bowl Creation

  • Star Family Work with the Sky


Saturday 3/23

  • Chanting to the Elements

  • Dancing in of Opening to Elements

  • Breakfast

  • Coastal Drive

  • Circles in the Sand Labyrinth Walk

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Beach Meditation

  • Photoshoot

  • Jedadiah Redwood Forrest Walk

  • Dinner

  • Creative Expression with Self-Care Pampering Product Creations

  • Star Family Work with the Sky


Sunday 3/24

  • Chanting in your Embodiment of Pure Love

  • Dancing in your Embodiment of Pure Love

  • Breakfast

  • Stacked KLEAR to Full Expression of Pure Love and Light in Your Life

  • Closing Circle

  • Check Out 11AM


Sacred Details...


Sacred Exchange for 5 Day, 4 Night Experience: $555* which includes meditations, KLEAR channel experiences, mini-trainings, adventures, creative supplies, KLEAR channel audio set, group Hawaiian healing session, and other surprises. 


*Plus the cost of housing and food that we will split between us all to keep it as reasonable as possible. My intention to keep this cost under $500 it will depend upon what we find available for lodging and what we decide to eat


Space is Limited to 8 people who will join the circle of our retreat


*PayPal Credit allows 6 months no-interest to stretch out your payment. Quick app and immediate approval.