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Lift Up






  • Assimilate Ascension Energy Changes more easily

  • Integrate Downloads with more Grace

  • Understand New Awareness so you Know Your OK

  • Make this Experience Easier and more Fun

  • Learn ways to Stay Grounded while Upgrading


This is assistance to rise above the effects of these Intense Energy times.  While you are ascending into your higher consciousness while embodied here on Earth, you are experiencing things that are new and different.  You are going through chaos, physical ascension symptoms, new awareness’s that are creating confusion and feel like you keep getting wiped out or pulled under by the Huge Waves of Energy.

Let’s Life Up!


We will cover relevant topics to what is up happening with the energies, receive higher conscious support transmissions to create relief and activations to connect into the big energies more smoothly.


We will gather on Wednesday mornings 7-9am PDT Live in a Zoom room for four weeks 10/24, 10/31, 11/7 & 11/14

Replays will be posted in a private Facebook group. You can send questions before that I will answer in the Live experience.


Sacred Exchange  $144 or 2 payments of $88​





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