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Friday Evenings

5:30pm PDT/6:30pm MDT/7:30pm CDT/8:30pm EDT

2 plus hours of fun and intuitive adventure

Energy Exchange $20 weekly

Get Your Spot - Limited to 25 Adventures

Welcome to a NEW playground Jade and Deb have created! This is a fun, supportive AND interactive playground style space where everyone gets a turn!  



Specifically created for all present to explore and expand your individual intuitive abilities! Are you ready to experience the awakening and expansion of your intuitive abilities within a playful and safe community atmosphere? 


  • Have you or Are you seeing things you didn’t before, beyond the veil?

  • Have you or Are you experiencing knowing or feeling something strong about something  & you can’t explain why…?

  • Have you or Are you hearing things others are not?

  • Have you or Are you getting more spontaneous innate knowings?

  • Are you feeling even more of the feels?  

  • Have you shut them off/down, but now they're back or you want them back?

  • Do you think maybe, I’m not sure- yet it could be fun?

  • Have you never, but have heard it is possible for everyone?

  • Would you like to learn how?

  • Have your intuitive gifts been working with you yet your unsure if you have the foundational awareness around your gifts?

We welcome everyone to come play, learn and expand no matter the length of time you have been aware of these abilities!  The entire point is to expand and enjoy these capabilities all humans are embodied with! Our natural guidance systems are ready to assist us in navigating this life! We are here to assist you in activating, developing and understanding them!   

We will practice with energy prompts coming from outside to assist in building your discernment & awareness of how your personal abilities communicate. Allow your inner gps strengthening & the full spectrum of intuitive/claire abilities to emerge. Leave the nay-sayer and self-doubt behind as you build your personal Trust Muscle allowing you to relax and trust the messages YOU receive!

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