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  Ignite Questions- 


 1) Are you ready to step up into expanded leadership and success in your Lightworker path?

 2) What are the three biggest obstacles that you feel are holding you back from stepping up into expanded leadership and success right now?

 3) How much time do you commit to your Spiritual/Consciousness path daily?

 4) What is the most important thing that you have come to know, learn, or remember about your path?

 5) Do you believe in Universal Law?

 6) Share an experience that leads you to believe or not believe in Universal Law.

 7) Are you an empath, intuitive, and/or lightworker? Share how this shows up in your life and work. As well, what are some of  your biggest struggles related to your gifts?

 8) Are you coachable and willing to change?

 9) Do you feel that you are open-minded and ready to heal?

 10) What is most important to you right now? (Choose all that apply)
     A) Stopping the drama inside you by understanding how to manage your emotions 

      B) Embracing your Spiritual Gifts and powers
      C) Stepping into your power and authentic expression
      D) Living your purposeful life

 11) Are you ready to invest energy, money, and time into yourself and your self-realization and expansion?

 12) At what level of sacred exchange are you ready to invest?
      A) $2,222 - $3,333
      B) $4,444 - $5,555
      C) $7,777 - $8,888
      D) $11,111

 13) How much time are you ready to invest?
      A) 2-4 hours

      B) 4-5 hours
      C) 6-8 hours
      D) 9 hours or more

 14) How did you connect with me? (Who told you or where did you see me?)

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