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Here is the layout of energies we will jump off during our time together. I will follow the Energies of the group, the collective and what is going on in the cosmos. I bring you everything I can for the highest and best of each of the members. If I get a new or higher conscious understanding I will bring it to you at the moment. This is an organic living experience that grows in the magic of the co-creation. 

 Week 1: Advanced Energy     Communications

  • Discover the Secrets of Working with Your Body Mind

  • Advanced Anxiety Release Techniques

  • Own Your Expansion

  • KLEAR your way to Accessing, Utilizing, and Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts (Prospering, too!) and KLEAR away your Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, and Fear of Rejection

 Week 2: Build Your     Inner Value

  • Tap into Your Inner Value beyond your Thoughts

  • Spiral Magic for Transformation and Creation 

  • A-G’s of 5D Manifestation

  • KLEAR away your tendency of Playing Small, Oversensitivity, Inability to Say No, and Thinking People Are Against You

Week 3: Power Up

  • Unplug from the Drama in Your Inner and Outer World

  • Focus on Creating Your Life

  • Where Your B.S. Can Sneak Up

  • KLEAR your way to Soul Power Embodiment and away from Inferiority

Week 4: Speak So You Are Heard

  • Communication made simple

  • Secrets to Listening

  • Different Views of Life

  • Motivation and Understanding Secrets

  • Private Custom KLEAR Session

Week 5: Freeing Yourself

  • Create Your Action Field

  • Belief Advancement Technique

  • Ho’oponopono Sacred Expanded Ritual

  • KLEAR your way to Communication with Subtle Realms and away from Self-Sabotage, Chaos Creating, and Distraction

Week 6: Freedom

  • Practical Ways to Work with Your Higher Self

  • Advanced Conflict Resolution Techniques

  • How to Be in Two Places at Once

  • KLEAR your way to Communication with Your Higher Self and to Freedom from Negatives and Destructive Behaviors

Week 7: Nurture

  • Secrets of Taking Responsibility for Co-Creation

  • Expanding Your Daily Awareness

  • ·Aumakua Connection Ritual

  • KLEAR your way to Masculine and Feminine Harmony and away from Imbalances of Outer and Inner Worlds

Week 8: Trust

  • F.E.A.R Busting Techniques to Keep You Moving in the most Challenging Times

  • Masculine and Feminine Energy Harmony Initiation

  • Golden Light Trust Meditation

  • Private Custom KLEAR Session

 Week 9: Allowance

  • Co-Dependency Release – Empowerment Star

  • Council Work

  • Expanding Your Knowledge to Living It

  • KLEAR away from Co-Dependent Thoughts, Emotions, and Behaviors, and away from Lack of Trusting Your Gut, Knowing, Others Above Self, And Outside Before Inside

Week 10: Magic

  • Detoxing Your Environment

  • Enhancing Your Dream Life

  • Noticing the Magic

  • KLEAR away from Not Enough, Lack of Time, Money, Love, Good in the World, Judgment, Excessive Negative Emotions, and Beating Yourself Up

Week 11: True Self

  • Embodiment

  • Noticing Where You Are Still in Survival Mode – Ways to Get Out

  • Secrets of the Power of Stability

  • Scaling Energy for Success In Your Day

  • KLEAR away from Abandonment/Separation Imprint and Collective Over Responsibility

Week 12: Ignite

  • Celebrating the Expression You Have BEcome

  • Re-Parenting

  • Setting A Powerful Container For Yourself

  • KLEAR away from Wounding by Authority and Interference to Igniting Your Happiness

Week 13: YOU!

Time to Fly through your Ignited Life!

Private Custom KLEAR Coaching Session


If this has piqued your interest grab a connection call so we can talk about if Ignite is a fit for you!

If you like to ponder on questions these are so that we will go over in the connection all

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