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  • 12   1.5 hour Training Sessions ​

  • 12   Celebration and Support Sessions

  • 20  Group and 3 Private KLEARs

  • 3    70-90 minute Private Coaching Sessions

  • Messenger and Email Access to Me

  • Training on more than 12 Energy Transformation techniques You can Add to Your Life and Business

  •  Live KLEAR channel - clearing, healing, awakening, and actualizing energy multidimensionally 

  • Additional 16 or more additional recorded KLEAR Channel transmissions


My intention is we start on the New Moon 6/3*

*we will start as soon as we have our group gathered 12 Bright Lights ready to Shine! 


Training Sessions


8 -10 am PDT (first 90 minutes of training and complete with a KLEAR)


Celebration and Support Sessions


8 - 11ish am PDT (first 30 minutes we will do a KLEAR and than 10-15 check in per member we will go in the order you join the call – if you need to go earlier you will just need to ask) Plan to attend at least an hour to get the KLEAR and your check in complete.

Your 3 ~ 1:1 70-90 Sessions will be individually scheduled on week 4, 8 and 13.

We will meet in a Zoom virtual meeting room and recordings will be added to the Secret Facebook group ~ Ignite with Jade 2.0



One Time Payment $2,222

Payment plan 4 payments of $600   (Day of Sign-Up, 6/15, 7/15, 8/15)

**** Paypal 6 months same as cash

I offer a peace of mind guarantee if you don't feel I delivered what I promised we will have a conversation and make it right. 

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