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  with Jade

Next Ignite Group 

 April 6th 2020!

To set fire to, make a flame rise, to allow the energy to burn, flare into an expanded state, to stoke the fire inside, to gain the deep burn of understanding, acting upon inspiration and passion, to allow the expression of the inner burn to flow through, light the flame of consciousness, awaken your blaze of inner wisdom, catch fire to your trust, and spark

your dreams to life!


Evolve into Higher Embodiment with Ignite


Welcome to a sacred 13-week group vortex for women who are ready to embody

their Expanded Self through ancient practices applied in a modern way!


You are a Lightworker and a Way Shower. You can feel in your heart that you are

here to do Big Work, and in one way or another you have prepared for this all

of your life. At this point, you are probably already manifesting and working with

your own magical abilities in one way or another. You likely also feel those innate

“differences” that set you apart from everyone else.


Yet, maybe you are not quite to the point where you know exactly how to go

from where you are now to the Expanded Energy that will help you do your

Big Work and full Expression!

That is where Ignite comes in.

Ignite is a sacred 13-week vortex filled with the opportunity to awaken further to all that You have to offer. Through tools such as energy resonance, ancient sacred knowledge, and practical energetic applications, you will discover how you can Ignite your life and start showing up as your Expanded Self.


If you have been facing any resistance, fears, or unknown blocks in your ability to have the full impact that you know you were meant to have, Ignite will help you step beyond these blocks and be seen for who you really are. When you understand that you live at the level of your frequency, then you are in a high-frequency High Vibe vortex. Through the 13 weeks that we will share together, you will have the opportunity to realize, actualize, and embody your Higher Self in a bigger way.


This vortex is the perfect space for any Lightworker and Way Shower to connect with the elements, amplify their knowledge of crystal energy, balance and integrate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and experience accelerated ascension, growth, and embodiment.

Forrest Head shot.jpg

About Your Teacher:

I am Jade Rehder, and I have always been a partially awakened Lightworker and Way Shower since Day 1. Still, it took 11 years of practice from 2005 to 2016 for me to fully step into the willingness to embody the magic that I knew I was meant to express in this lifetime. I was like a Ground Hog, popping in and out each time I decided that I was willing to embody my Big Me!


Following those 11 years, I learned to step into my full willingness and I permanently realized, actualized, and embodied BE-ing tapped into all of those big energies, which helped me gain freedom from my own resistance. What I discovered is that one of my gifts is an energy line up in the stars that allows me to fuel and expand others’ dreams. Now, I want to show you much of what I learned through a 13-week vortex so that you can embody and serve in a way that aligns with your highest good, without taking so long to make it happen!


If you have stepped into a stable state of expanded awareness and have already begun or are feeling totally ready tp embodying your Magnificance, then you are ready to continue the journey into your Expanded Self! Together, we will help you achieve that through Ignite.

What you can expect to explore, discover, and gain includes:

  • Connecting Emotionally with Your Heart

  • Living Your Embodied Knowing with Purpose

  • Self-Actualizing and Embodying Your Self

  • Moving Your Karma/Spiritual Lessons from Your Pain to Your Wisdom

  • Living What you Realize with Ease and Grace

  • Actualize Your Magnificence

  • Learn Flexibility to Navigate the Waves of Challenges of Life

  • Remembering to Come from Your Heart Center

  • Expanding Your Intuitive Knowledge

  • Deleting Your Ground Hog Experience (of stepping into and out of your Spiritual growth)

  • Breaking Out of the Paradigm of Limitations in Your Life

  • How to Transcend So that You Can Accelerate Faster

  • And More!


This container truly is for you if you have already stepped into engaging your spiritual gifts and you are ready to release the overwhelm of what to do next so that you can continue advancing your gifts and purpose. You know that you are to develop into a master teacher or master healer and that you are meant to be doing something epic as your destiny. You know that in order to actualize this embodiment of your Big You, you must deal with what is restricting you and transcend the resistance to breaking free and moving past your old limitations.


In your heart, you know that you have a calling in life and that you are here to actualize the untapped potential so that you can dive in head first and make a difference in this world. I have been there too!


Jade is a luminary, sage, way-shower and heart-centric visionary. Her strong, empowering presence invites you to remember who you are (always with ease and grace!).

Jade has an amazing and powerful ability to shine a light on old programs that run in the background (the ones that may even be outside of your awareness... the ones that hold you back from your highest potential).

Dena DeLuco

Speaker, Trainer, Empowerment Coach

Below is the list I created to acknowledge what I actualized in myself during the Ignite Vortex. I have worked on myself for decades, yet I was in need of an expanded energy container to bloom!         

                              Tracy B. ~ Eugene, OR

Massage Therapist & So Much More

Jade’s program "Ignite" gave me back my clarity and embodied remembrance of who I AM!  For 5.5 years I worked daily trying to regain clarity for daily mental & physical functioning after a TBI, I have been able to embody once more what I "knew" in my heart but could no longer access.


C.J. Denver, CO

Medical Intuitive



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