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There's more to life than what  you've been experiencing...

BEing Free, Aware and Happy are your birthright! 

The Path to Alignment with SELF

Meet Jade Rehder, the founder of a new healing modality: KLEAR! Jade is also an alchemical transformation coach, empath whisperer, certified energy coach, shamanic practitioner, and an advanced practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian practice huna la’au kahea.


Jade supports awakened empathic souls and Star Light BEings in accessing higher guidance, receiving intuitive inspiration, and making changes at the causal level that is beyond the access of mind and ego. What is so different is there is no mind or emotional processing with KLEAR! After an KLEAR session, you simply recalibrate to your higher vibrational set point of experience.



Access Your Higher Guidance​

As an empath, you have likely already become aware of just how powerful your magnificent gift is. Imagine how much more powerful it can become when you have the proper support in developing your gifts using the right energetic tools so that you can use your gift for the Highest Good of All. If you have yet to receive the tools necessary to align with your higher guidance and manifest your empathic super powers, KLEAR can help! KLEAR will support you in stepping out of the patterns of common empathic and Lightworker hardships so that you can begin living in alignment with your EMpoweredPATH.

Transcend your empathic struggles with KLEAR Activations,  trainings, and various coaching plans. Using KLEAR is the fastest way to connect with your authentic Self, embrace your gifts, and manifest access to your full power!

"She is a teacher of teachers"

“Through working with Jade over the past year, I am in a continuous process of releasing patterns from the past that no longer serve me and replacing them with healthy, joyful, expansive, abundant beliefs.  This has completely changed who I am in wonderful ways.  She is a 'teacher of teachers' and the best of the best in her mastery as a coach.  She embodies that very rare combination of incredible skill in providing phenomenal results and at the same time her essence is pure compassion, unconditional love, non-judgement, warmth, and light-heartedness.” ​​​​​​​

~ Julianne Soteriou, C.N.

Clinical Nutritionist



Learn more about your empathic gifts and how to use them with new videos posted weekly!

“Let’s begin at the heart of the matter: there’s nothing like Jade’s KLEAR technique! It has completely changed my life. I’ve struggled with PTSD for years and years, and doing KLEAR helped me heal in ways I truly thought would never be possible. I didn’t believe it, and it still worked!!! … I genuinely recommend Jade as a gifted empath whisperer, guide, and practitioner of the healing arts, I have recommended her to family and friends who have had similar astounding successes…”​​​​​​​

~ Doren D'Amico


"An exceptional way to raise vibration!"

“Jade’s method is an exceptional way to raise vibration and shift old patterns, allowing new, clearer perspectives into your life! ​​​​​​​I feel so blessed to have experienced Jade’s profound and life changing work. Her approach, which she offers from a grounded, yet expansive space is truly amazing…”

~ Dr. Kacie Flegal, D.C.

Family Chiropractor

Ashland, Oregon


"I am more aligned to who I AM."

"Every time I work with Jade, I leave more empowered and embodied than before. Because of my work with her, I am more aligned with who I AM and even more able to stably live from a place of creation and joy. She shows me how I can help myself create lasting, powerful change, and that is a beautiful gift."

~ Barbara Bowman

Web Designer

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