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Welcome High Vibe Vortex Member!

You are now a member of the vortex cleaning up the money energy and creating an EMpoweredPATH of Creation! 
Whoot Whoot! Bright Light you are in the group. Can you sense the vortex of support that is already created and expanding your ability to shift and receive?
There are a few actions to take! 
Join the FB group HERE  
This is a private group for paid Vortex members only.  
I will post all the announcements, events for the New Moon Creation Activations, spontaneous LIVE AhHa teachings, Recordings, Links for the Live events and so much more! 
This is a space of changing and creating. This is NO advertising zone. You can join my Starseed group to do self-promotion on Tuesdays. 
You are welcome to go FB LIVEs to share what has happened with the KLEARing and Creation Activations sharing your celebrations with the group! 
You will be able to share with me in the group the beliefs, blocks, resistance and other sabotaging energies that you see stopping you from having the dynamic prosperous birthright energy alignment with money. It's a tool we use here on Earth. So this will be a co-created vortex of change and activation!
Mark your Calendars
ZOOM Link for all sessions
Calling in US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 646 876 9923 
    Webinar ID: 206 970 310
    International numbers available:
September Dates - 


(It will simulcast into the group, so you can catch the recordings at your convenience)

Friday 9/6 – 6pm PT/9pm ET – KLEAR Greed Imprint

Tuesday 9/10 – 9am PT/ Noon ET – KLEAR I’m Not Good With Money Imprint

Monday 9/16 – 3pm PT/6pm ET – KLEAR interference to Receiving Money

Tuesday 9/24 – Noon PT/3pm ET – KLEAR Money is a Limited Resource Imprint

*** Remember during each KLEAR transmission I will AWAKEN 5-12 Enjoyable, positive and supportive ways of BEing and Experiencing Life, so you have more helpful energies preserved in your energy field.


Activations LIVE on Zoom

(It will simulcast into the group, so you can catch the recordings at your convenience)

Saturday 9/7 - 9am PT/ Noon ET – Activate Expansion flow

Thursday 9/12 – 3pm PT/6pm ET – Activate Awareness flow

Wednesday 9/18 – 8am PT/11am ET – Activate Heart flow

Thursday 9/26 – 5pm PT/8pm ET – Activate Receiving flow


Creation Activation (NEW Moon)

Saturday 9/28 - 5 pm PT/8pm ET est. 90 minutes

5th-dimensional conscious co-creation. Experiential Participatory Training where you bring what you desire to have in your life – We clear our fields of energy obstacles to our desires, create a powerful invitation/invocation, and activate our creations. Group vortexes amplify the clearing and activation energies.

  • Saturday 9/28 - 5pm PT/8pm ET

  • Sunday 10/27 

  • Tuesday 11/26

  • Wednesday 12/26 

Other times TBD - I will poll the group at the beginning of each month so the most people can join LIVE!!! 

Questions Email me direct

I am so grateful you have joined us and look forward to connecting soon! 

Rainbows of Aloha


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