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High Vibe Empath Vortex

KLEARing Your Money Blocks, Making a Difference and

Accessing Your EMpoweredPath

It's time to assist more people out of the Survival Mode of Operating into Stability Operating especially around Money so you can Thrive!  I am a naturally a synergist!

I ADORE and stay inspired while working with a group of people LIVE to create the highest energy of realizations and activations.  

Are you willing and ready to ride the shifts of energy, emotion, and awareness that are coming in? The waves of higher photon light infusions are infusing here on Earth and in your energy field.

In this High Vibe vortex, we will prepare our energy bodies by KLEARing major interference patterns, imprints, and influences of disconnection conditioning and patterns. Assisting in preparing you for the major energy shifts of 2020.

This vortex will allow us all to create a positive impact in our lives before the end of 2019! We are using the energy of Money as an energy measure in multiple ways.

Yeah, I wish I could do it in an hour, yet by the end of 2019 is fast compared to how long you have struggled, right? Yep, the above is all very Woo! I am your magical tour guide.

So here it is straight and clear - 

  • I work best in a group.

  • I am ready to create a new product to assist more people in the world.

  • To do that I know I am most effective when I do the creation with a live group of people! 

  • I am resilient and keep going when I have a group to facilitate and assist.

  • There are is a huge shift coming.

  • It's a time to get ready mentally, emotionally and energetically.

  • This is a Win/Win/Win/Win

  • Yes, this is roadside assistance for life.

These factors have me creating this group with a low financial barrier to entry. Why such a low amount? From my heart I desire as many people to join as possible that are ready and willing to change their lives related to their energy and money. I am grateful reciprocity happens in so many ways. Yes, each member will make an Earth dollar exchange as this is a vortex working with the energy money. 


This is for you if are willing to grow and evolve.

You participate by joining Live or do the work from the recordings 

  • New Moon - Creation Activations,  the KLEAR transmissions

  • Write some of the journal prompts

  • Ask questions in the group

  • Interact with other members

Yep, flat out participate. This isn't full-on pixy dust you must show up for yourself and pay attention in your day to day life. Follow the signs and take the inspirited actions.  

You can join us anytime! All the content is recorded and you will have full access. This is organic and beyond linear. There is no linear curriculum to catch up on. You are free to listen to the recording in the order they call to you.

All the materials will be in the private FB group and in a password-protected area of my website for you to have easy access.

Earth Dollar exchange $144 one-time

or $44 for 4 months no matter what month you join. 

Need some time to pay? PayPal Credit is a Possibility with 6 mo SAC

Additional Options - want more assistance and high touch

group + message coaching $288

Group + message coaching + 1 private coaching session $444

What is included with the group

This Experience (Yes, it’s OK to join during the vortex) is live until December 31st, 2019

Session will be Live on zoom, broadcast into our facebook group and recorded

KLEAR and Activation Session will last 30-60 minutes

New Moon Creation Activation Trainings will go 90-120 minutes 


  • Weekly – KLEAR Transmissions to Transcend Specific Money/Block Patterns –

  • Weekly - Raise Your Vibe Activation – Live or recorded

  • Weekly - Journaling Prompts

  • Live Energy Update and Ah Ha’s that come through to share


  • Monthly – Creation/Invitation Activation – During New Moon Window – Experiential Participatory Training where you bring what you desire to have in your life – We clear our fields of energy obstacles to our desires, create a powerful invitation/invocation, and activate our creations. Group vortexes amplify the clearing and activation energies. 

    • Wednesday 12/26