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Group Offers

You know you are here to heal, teach, and create in the world by expressing what it is you are here to share. You ARE doing it by just being you . . . yet you know you can do it in a bigger way making a greater ripple of positive change and awakening.


You have been working on yourself yet still you feel resistance, blocks, lack of trust and what feels like outside forces keeping you from reaching the harmony in your world you know is here for you. You want more clarity, alignment and flow in your daily life.


"I have experienced tremendous shifts in energy and focus..."

“I have experienced tremendous shifts in energy and focus… She knows how to get to the core issues hidden deep in the unconscious mind and bring them to the surface.  Jade does this in a loving and supportive way; encouraging you to dig deep & providing you tools you will keep throughout your journey.”    

~ Kristi, Broomfield, CO

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