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Elements of Creation Training

The alchemical elements of ether, water, fire, earth, and air are the ingredients that create everything in your life!


Your thoughts, emotions, movement, connections, money, relationships and your daily experiences to share a few. The ability to communicate, connect and utilize the Elements consciously to assist you in creating your life is magical. In my experience, the most effective way to change vibrations within and around you is to intentionally use with the Elements!

I am honored to share with you the Elements of Creation through the ancient Hawaiian lineage of La'au Kahea that I learned in halua Hawaii Ko Aloha. As a kumu (teacher) of the Elements, the magic, support of the ancestors and the unseen guidance team will be assisting as you to walk your path of initiation in the Elements of Creation. Weekly you will experience a customized Elemental KLEAR to enhance your connection and so much more! 

If you have always been connected to nature, the weather, and healing the elements are working with you and this training series will allow you to bring these elemental gifts more fully into actualization. Your conscious embodiment of the alchemical elements is an accelerated path of awareness and transcendence.

If you are interested in becoming an Elemental Alchemy Practitioner after the six months of training you will have the opportunity! There will be a 3-day in-person retreat to do the practicum and complete your practitioner level initiations in early 2020. If this resonates with you please connect, so that I can share the details of this when it comes into form.

Elemental Essentials*

Walking with the elements each week on multiple levels of connection. You will be giving the magical connection to the elements through the portal of the Hawaiian Islands. The magic of the elements of creation awakened inside is a superpower! We begin your walk with the elements fundamental understandings and you will have sacred work each week engaging with the elements.

5 - Weekly Training Experiences 

Coming Soon - Late April 2020

Abundance Exchange

$333.00 Group Coaching

The recorded live training and transmission are added to the membership area of my website the following morning for your easy access! 

Remember I give a Peace of Mind promise if you feel you have participated in what is offered live or recorded and do not feel you have received your value. We will discuss it and create a solution at is harmonious. 

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