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KLEAR the Pisces Shadow Imprints

We have fully entered the Aquarian age as a collective consciousness! This is great news as this influence is creating an opening to get rid of the old that no longer serves us. The shadow of the previous influence is disturbing many of our lives as it is up to transcended individually and as a collective. The victim, martyr, hero, and savior imprints are shadowing the magic of the "you be you and I'll be me" energies that are here supporting us now.  

The influence of these energies is connected to patterns, imprints, and conditions that create a major portion of the self-sabotage, self-doubt, being a fixer, over-doing for others, forgetting yourself and over-thinking to share a short list. The Aquarian time for Awakening is bringing the situations to experience the shadow so we are willing to grow and create something better. 


The shadow of Pisces feeds the co-dependent cycle of energies that keep you trapped and dependent. The opportunity to transcend the thought, emotion, and behavior patterns creating the limitations of co-dependency and all it brings with it. All of these shadow energies have you shrinking and dulling your life. 


The time is now to get KLEAR and Shine Your Light!

We will go about this in a unique way as KLEAR is an Experience of Alchemy and Transcendence multi-dimensionally some of it you may experience and the vast majority is beyond your feeling body. What is outstanding is with KLEAR there is no mental or emotional processing!!!! You read it correctly you doing need to think or feel about what you are transcending the energy Alchemy changes the state of the pattern into your most expanded and pure consciousness vibration. You will notice recalibration to your new expanded vibration and space for more connection, joy, and creativity with the new lighter energy higher conscious energy embodiment!

To get out of the shadow allow yourself to transcend all 4 energies opening freedom from what is influencing you beyond what you are aware and is playing out in your experience as background energy. The energies that are affecting your ability to consciously create the life of your desire are influenced by much more than what you know. 


Group KLEARing Sessions ~ 6pm PT/7pm MT/8pm CT/ 9pm ET

Tuesday 7/16 - Victim

Thursday 7/18 - Hero

Tuesday 7/23 - Martyr

Thursday 7/25 - Savior

Group Session Abundance Exchange  


$144 for all 4*


*Includes Private Community here on my website for discussion, support and all recording posted in 48 hours

$44 each session  







Private 4 ~ 30 minute Sessions ~ $333

Your recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours

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