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The disconnects and neurological electrical patterning had all but been erased.  I am now realigned both mentally and physically so that the healing that continues to take place physically is occurring at a rapid rate!  Much to the amazement of my doctors as well!  My physical pain is 80-95% better! Some days better than others- without drugs!  I had worked with the metaphysical energies for 25 years healing others before the accident and was left not being able to connect fully, some days at all, as i had before. "KLEARS" not only helped in clearing up the neurological & pain issues but emotional issues I been experiencing since the transition of my beloved husband/caregiver during this time as well.  I cannot express enough to you the life altering impact Ignite has made on my life!  I am a medical Empath as well and this enabled me to see the shifting of the "KLEARS" on the body, mind and spirit while going through them!  The depths of this work is, in my opinion, having studied many modalities, unprecedentedly divine! If you want to awaken to all you are, clear and heal yourself on a multitude of levels or ignite your life into a more peace filled, joyous & engaged loving life...  ENGAGE IN THIS COURSE!   The adventures your life has in store are only just beginning!  My new life has only just begun- NO caregiver required- onto my next greatest adventure! 


PS- The cherry on top! You will meet some amazing men and women with whom you will feel a deep connection and friendship that can last a lifetime, if you will but take this simple step forward!  What have you got to loose, pain, physical & emotional suffering, heartache, confusion, frustration, lack of confidence, lack of trust, well yeah!  "KLEAR" your way to the life your hearts desire has always had for you!



Denver, Colorado

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