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Synergy Calibration Session 

Are you in need of additional support, though not quite ready to jump into a full coaching/alchemy experience? Or maybe you just a bit of support right now? My synergy calibration session may be just what you need!

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in need of a little extra boost. Maybe your empath gifts have recently accelerated and you need support incorporating them, or perhaps something new has been brought to your awareness that you would like to adjust. As you go through life, there will be times where you will want to consciously adjust your energy field to accommodate for the shifts happening in your expressed reality. If this describes what you are going through, booking a calibration session with me can support you in adjusting as needed.

During a synergy calibration session, I will work together with higher frequency dimensional energies to collaborate with your energy fields’ body, mind, and spirit while being assisted by you and your unseen spirit team of Love.


Through this KLEAR collaboration, we will set your energy fields so that you can navigate life more easily from your higher consciousness frequencies and connections.

Recalibrations Will Improve . . .

  • Your ability to feel calm by reducing your chaotic energies

  • Your ability  as your racing thoughts are quieted to embody a clearer mind

  • Your ability to ground and stay present as you experience increased embodiment

  • Your ability as trapped physical energy is let go to feel better in your body 

  • Your ability as your fears are transcended to know and trust that you are O.K.

  • Your ability to breathe easier as you open up to new room in your energy field

You set the intention and create the invitation for what you would like to be experiencing. You wil become aware of what is to be harmonized or alchemized and often loved free, so that you can be experincing you choices in life! 

  This is What I Need!





Sacred Exchange $222 

  90-minute Live private session and Check-in the following day plus text or                messenger support during your integration.



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