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What is KLEAR?


KLEAR is a Transcendence Experience that involves releasing imprinted energetic patterns from your multidimensional self. During a session, I connect to Infinite consciousness through the KLEAR Channel® while utilizing my own voice to open a direct portal to God/Source energy. The KLEAR Channel® is a number of collective higher dimensional energies that I have been connected to since I was a child. As I connect into this channel, I connect vibrationally with the frequencies of all of the interference that is presently creating imbalances within your multidimensional field. As we do, we transcend old energy, harmonize your field, and awaken new Divine energy to support you in experiencing both a release of your old patterns and an awakening of new, healthier patterns. Through this experience, we catalyze healing and awakening at the more profound level.


Through the KLEAR Channel® we crate lasting transformation as this experience will literally cause vibrational shifts and replace the energy on all levels of body, mind, time, and space multi-dimensionally. It truly is the art of transcendence manifested!


As you embrace a KLEAR sessions, your consciousness becomes KLEAR and is reminded of its original Star Light BEing frequency. This alchemical experience uses high consciousness energies to completely connect you to your birthright Star Light BEing energies and experiences, allowing you to begin embodying a life filled with all that you came here to accomplish, and more. Through KLEAR, you will experience shifts both in your multi-dimensional energetic self and through a manifested embodiment of those shifts here on Earth Gaia. This means that you will begin to notice that not only do you feel lighter, but you begin to BEhave lighter, too!



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