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April Events 
Spritual 360, Let It Go Workshop & Singing Bowls Sound Healing
Scroll down for Virtual Events on Zoom!

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Have you ever wanted to have an easy and effective way to do self-healing on pain?

I have been called to contribute to the wellness of our community in a bigger way.  

To answer that call I am offering a reduced rate (originally $197) workshop on how to do a Step-by-Step technique to Let Go of stored emotions that are creating or enhancing pain in your body.

In the workshop we will go over all the steps, practice them, then you will do the technique a couple times in the workshop. I will answer questions and troubleshoot any challenges as you practice. 

You will have a written guide on what to do step-by-step, so when you go home you can use it each day to create freedom from pain on many levels.

The second session is to share what you were able to accomplish, share where you need support and give you another level of awareness that will allow you to work on more complex stored emotional energies. We will practice a couple more Let It Go experiences together.

Letting emotional stores that are creating pain go  is quick and easy once you have the tools and insights!


$55 ($44 seniors) 9 am - 11am Friday April 7th 

Optional April 14th a check in work session for those who need that extra support

in my office 9-11am


Empowered Living Wellness Center 138 Maple St - park on the street or port lot

Tech is cranky you can pay in person

Questions or other arrangements email me

Space still avalible and if you want to pay in person that works too! 

*I give a peace of mind guarantee if when you are done with the workshop and have participated by using the tool during the integration week. We will discuss the value you have received.

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Sound Healing

The invitation of the experience is that it’s relaxing, calming and supporting your wellbeing.

The sound bath will include drumming, crystal singing bowls and other sound instruments with toning to harmonize energies through vibration to support your well being. We go beyond the words into the field to unwind with sound some of the stored stress and energies. 

Optional Q & A afterward where you can ask your questions and share your experiences. I will share from my experience as a shamanic practitioner and certified energy coach for an evening of healing sounds and relaxation. Chairs will be provided and you are welcome to bring a yoga mat and blanket if laying down is best for you.

The experience includes cleansing, crystal singing bowls, Hawaiian chanting, drumming, possibly  a channeled message from the grandmothers, a short personal healing, and you will have a crystal to take home imbued with the energies of the session.

Virtual Events on Zoom


Getting KLEAR.png

We have a Facebook Group where I post the weekly topic and some fun thing. I even pop if for a live!

* You only need to register once - the link is the same each week. I will send a reminder on Fridays by email 30 minutes prior to the event to those registered *

To join the KLEAR Channel Experience register at the link here


Each week there is a new topic ~ Everyone is welcome to attend on Friday nights. The form of Reciprocity you chose is your choice. Check out the reciprocity wheel for ideas if you need to do it in another way!

The offering has shifted a bit. My guides prompted me to share the recording with anyone who shares financial energy exchange with me. Historically, when I do group KLEAR the exchange is $33 or more including the recording. I will provide the raw KLEAR in a Google Drive link. You will then own the energy alchemy transmission. A best practice is to listen 3 times over the following 7-21 days to support you in getting the greatest amount of clearing and clarity. Supporting your self-awareness, self-realization and evolution.

**If you are unable to attend and would like to have the recording from any KLEAR it is $22 or more exchange if you are moved to share your abundance with me.

Ways to share exchange
Facebook Messenger $
Venmo @Jade-Rehder
If you have another system you prefer let me know.
After the exchange has been made please message me your email (gmail best) and I will send you the Audio with a Google Drive link. You now own the energy alchemy transmission for your growth and expansion.
Tentative Timeline (in Pacific)
6:00 pm Arrive
6-6:10 pm Explaining what KLEAR is and how it works
6:10 pm KLEAR Alchemy Transmission begins
6:50 pm(ish) Complete KLEAR you can sign off
I will stay on until 7pm for those who want to share their experiences or ask questions

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