5/5 ~ Thursday 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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5/13-14 Friday and Saturday 9am - 3pm
Booth with Rocks & more and Readings! 

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Tuesday, May 24th - 6-7:30pm


Join us for an experiencial time together of learning, remembering, experiencing and creating awareness and connection to your inner wisdom and guidance while having fun!

Gain DIY's to use in your everyday life and ways to help yourself live more Vibrantly!

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5/25 ~ Wednesday 6:3opm - 8:00pm

The invitation of the experience is that it’s relaxing, calming and supporting your wellbeing.

The sound bath will include drumming, crystal singing bowls and other sound instruments with toning to harmonize energies through vibration to support your well being. There will be a KLEAR for resistance to receiving for your wellbeing also. 

Optional Q & A afterward where you can ask your questions and share your experiences. I will share from my experience as a shamanic practitioner and certified energy coach for an evening of healing sounds and relaxation. Chairs will be provided and you are welcome to bring a yoga mat and blanket if laying down is best for you.