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Meet Jade

Aloha, and welcome to my slice of the multiverse! I am Jade Rehder, a passionate spiritual space holder for empaths, lightworkers, and Star Light BEings. I am excited to connect with you and reveal more about who I am, and what magic I have to share with the world!


Let me begin by sharing an important awareness that I have about the dynamic of coaching, energy healing, and KLEAR. In life, there is no such thing as people who are ahead of or behind us as we are All One on many levels. The idea of separation is an illusion that we have agreed to participate in here on Earth Gaia through the concepts of space, time, and both 3D and higher dimensions of consciousness. As such, I seek to hold space for individuals through playing my role as both a teacher and student, meaning that I am able to teach what I know while still holding the awareness that I have much to learn myself.


I understand that while on Earth Gaia we manifest as individuals represented by the statement “I am,” and that beyond this experience we exist collectively as the We Are of All that IS. Still, while we are on Earth Gaia we exist here as individual expressions of Original Consciousness through existing with different shapes, sizes, gifts, beliefs, understandings, life experiences, emotions, and personalities.


During a download, I remembered that ALL of us Star Light BEings are on Earth Gaia as individual expressions of Original Consciousness to expand our own individual consciousness so that we can raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Our collective goal here as Star Light BEings is to experience the embodiment of ascension so that we can support Earth Gaia and usher in the New Earth Energy Evolution. We are collectively bringing in the New Golden Age while also incorporating Peace on the journey.


If this download resonates with you, this means that you are also a Star Light BEing! I am excited that we have found each other here, in this perfect moment of consciousness in time and space.

My Divine Mission

I firmly believe that I was placed on Earth to free Star Light BEings from the confines of the restrictive human conditioning that has been imprinted on their consciousness. I support you in remembering to live, feel, speak, and experience life from your heart.


It is likely that you have had similar experiences as I have throughout your life from being raised with restrictive human conditioning. This conditioning seeks to restrict us through confining us with certain patterns of behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and experiences, often ones that do not resonate with us on a Soul level. As Star Light BEings, we know these conditions are wrong, yet the world taught us they were “right” and we knew that for survival purposes we needed to conform in order to fit in. You likely grew up feeling deeply confused and as though you did not understand or resonate with the way that things work here on Earth Gaia. This feeling of confusion may have left you feeling different, or maybe even wrong, for your entire life until this point. This discomfort arises from the fact that you are Spiritually Gifted, and as you evolve your gifts evolve as well, making the human conditioning seem even less reasonable.


Feeling like you do not belong, or like you are different to a fault can be painful. You may be yearning to release yourself from the pain of 3D consciousness so that you can BE your Self from 5D or higher consciousness. With this shift, you can begin to make the difference in the world that you know you came here to make in a way that resonates with your deepest and highest good.


Do you feel like this? Are you in love with the feelings of change and transformation in your life? Deep inside, do you know that there is an abundance of joy, peace, love, acceptance, prosperity, and more yumminess available to you in this lifetime? Do you feel like you were born to create something magnificent, like a massive shift in our collective consciousness?


If you do, that’s because you were put on Earth Gaia to do big things. 

The time is now to step up and get KLEAR!  





The reason why you are currently feeling blocked from fulfilling this purpose is because of the conditioning that you have been given. This conditioning keeps you running into blocks through having you carry “stuff” that is not yours. This may be particularly confusing for you, Star Light BEing, because you believe that this block is not true, yet you may not be able to see a way past it right now. You have done the “work” on it and you believe that it “should” be gone, yet it continues to surface in your life in new ways each time. This is because you need to let things go from your mind and ego, as well as from your entire BEing.

At this time in our collective consciousness, Earth Gaia is transforming at a deep level using the power of solar energy. Inhabitants of Earth Gaia are experiencing this transformation alongside her through their exposure to new challenges, expansions, and questions. You need to work with someone who will guide you through this process and help you tap in with your own higher consciousness guidance so that you can begin facilitating your own Light Work right here on Earth.


I have accepted the role that Source commanded of me as being both a teacher and a guide of the 144,000 teachers (or Light Workers) here now, in Earth Gaia’s time of need. I do so using my KLEAR Channel® Transcendence Experience and other Source guided energies to successfully free you from the confines of present day human conditioning. This way, you can quickly and powerfully transcend the restrictive imprints of beliefs, conditions, lower consciousness, belief and behavioral patterns, and experiences.

"Jade's work has been the best thing that has ever happened to me..."

“Working with Jade has been the best decision I made in over 15 years. Let me explain... We all have stories and my stories had brought me all the way to living in my car. I struggled with relationships, work, and most importantly believing in myself. After one session many of my issues were gone. Knowing that we could do more I requested that Jade work with me more. I am happy to say that all the issues I use to have that held me back are gone, and now I am attracting clients to me instead of searching for them, I am living with a lovely lady and most importantly, I believe in myself. Jade's work has been the best thing that ever happened to me, and just for the record I am 60 years old and have had some of these issues since 5 years of age. So I believe it's never to late. Thanks Jade and hope others find the freedom I have found with KLEAR.”    

~ Roger, Carbondale, CO

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