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KLEARing your way to the embodiment of your Highest Self is a powerful process that can awaken you to your highest potential. Many of my clients find that once they step into the vortex of KLEAR, there are several ways that they can use KLEAR to support them in their ability to embody their Highest Self. Often, my clients are working on KLEARing out unwanted energy imprints from multiple life times, and even from ancestral traumas or collective traumas.

Having access to a greater container of support may be just what you need if you are looking for the opportunity to transcend multiple large layers of stuck or unwanted energies. For that reason, I designed my 3 month private KLEAR coaching package for healing deep challenges. This package is the perfect combination of intense yet gentle, and transformational yet manageable. As you step into the Sacred Container with me, you will have the opportunity to access powerful KLEARings to support you in transcending anything that may hold you back. That being said, we do the work at your pace and implement effective energetic agreements to ensure that you do not feel as though you are being torn apart by light energy. This delicate yet powerful balance between growth and modesty enables you to endure many massive and powerful shifts over a three month period, all while embodying the energy of ease and grace. As a result, you will end this experience with an even deeper attunement to your Highest Self in the most beautiful way imaginable.


This 3 Month Private Coaching Experience Includes:

  •  9 x 1.5 Hour Live Master Transcendence KLEAR Experiences

  • 4 x 15 Minute As-Needed Laser Sessions for Added Support

  • Text, Messenger, and Email Access to Me with Priority Response

  • 2 Sets of 9 Pre-Recorded KLEAR Channel Experiences to Accelerate Your Results and Support Your Healing

  I Am Done with the way my life is going.

 I Am Ready to do the deep work to Free Myself!


  Let's chat for 30 minutes or less and make sure this is a fit for you.

  I will give you the details of Sacred Exchange and Options.

  Schedule a Connection Call


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