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Please enjoy this opportunity to ground your new energies with Crystals. 

Jade shares, “My entire life stones, crystals and minerals of all types have spoken to me. I don’t hear a voice in my head all the time. I often hear via a feeling or knowing about the stone. I receive information on the stones highest and best use and if the person desires it is a good match. I have even had the opportunity to work in a crystal store on magical Mount Shasta, CA. the root chakra of the fifth dimension.” 

“My name is Jade (like the stone) and I love to talk. It makes sense that Rocks talk to me, so I heard about 10 years ago open a Rock store called rocks that talk! I’m so excited that now I can!” 

“My mom tells a story of me putting gravel in the mouth of our huge German Sheppard named King before I could walk. He would just move the gravel with his tongue and let them fall out the other side of his mouth. People would not come up our driveway because they feared King, but he was my rock buddy. My grandmother had to sew pockets in all my dresses when I could walk, so I wasn’t filling my dress with stones. I collect the rocks that want to go to new home. “

“I call all types of stones Rocks. I have spoken to thousands of different minerals and they are all just fine with me calling them Rocks.”


We offer some magical Rocks that you can use at your home or office to support you. Each one has been energized by Jade and will support your evolutionary path. They make great gifts!

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Rocks That Talk

Our Current Offering: Black Hills Collection 

Hand picked in the Black Hills of South Dakota near Keystone in May 2016, these stones are vein quartz that are made of large crystallites without any crystal faces. They hold a strong and gentle energy imprint. These stones work their way to the surface as offering to be used to adjust your personal energy and the energy of your space. 

They have also been infused with the energies of Mount Shasta, CA, and blessed by Jade Rehder to hold their highest resonance to support your evolution.

Please contact me at jade@jaderehder.com if you have any special requests. 

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