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You CAN be an Empath and have a life you LOVE!


Aloha- this is Jade, 

Want to experience your empathic gifts with joy and improve your life? 

I've got to share a big woohoo! I'm fresh off the 10-Day Challenge to Step into Your Power​​​​​​​! The energy coming out of the group is like rocket fuel. 

The transformation I can see, hear and feel from the participating members has me in tears of Joy. I know many have been watching and doing the work in private (that’s what many empaths do…) 

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Is it time for you to STEP out and make the investment in yourself to Awaken

So often as an empath you are at the effect of what has happened in the day, much of it beyond what you know at an awareness level. When you chose to consciously spend some time on Awakening, you grow and expand your consciousness, which gives you greater access to the Divine energies inside you. 

You can Awaken the Divine emotions - positive ways of being and feeling that are your Divine birthright of -Happiness, Joy, Confidence, Trust, Inspiration, Authenticity, and Feeling Love

When was the last time you invested time, money and energy in really taking care of yourself from an energy self-care and self-love perspective? 

Energy self-care is intentionally working on decreasing the hurtful, harmful, disconnecting, sabotaging energies (limiting beliefs, critical mind and other ways you limit your potential). When those are reduced you have a greater access on a daily basis to live from your Divine emotions! 

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“Let’s begin at the heart of the matter: there’s nothing like Jade’s KLEAR technique! It has completely changed my life. I’ve struggled with PTSD for years and years, and doing KLEAR helped me heal in ways I truly thought would never be possible. I didn’t believe it and it still worked… I genuinely recommend Jade as a gifted empath whisperer, guide, and practitioner of the healing arts, I have recommended her to family and friends who have had similar astounding successes.”

 “Maybe I was ready—I’ve done quite a bit of independent development over the years. As someone who has lived an empath’s lifetime dancing from misery to barely managing and often making myself mad hatter mad--but always growing in the light and in love--I can say that I’ve never met someone so uniquely gifted in supporting empaths. From the first moment I met Jade, I found tremendous value in her gifts as a lovely human and an empath whisperer…Her clarity and strategies are immensely practical and support independent success. She is a strong and authentic spiritual teacher with no ego and a myriad of ways to help us all grow…” Doren Damico 

In Doren Damico's Words...

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Heal the Hurt from Taking Things Personally in the Past with a distance Shamanic Healing 

Ask Jade Friday ~ Q & A and laser coaching – get individualized support ☺ 

The 90-day series of Awaken to the Power Within group coaching officially starts 7/30!

I want to Join!

The investment is low and it’s a Lifetime membership . . . I have 3 series scheduled already!!

Summer/Fall 2017 (7/30 -11/3)

Holiday 2017 (11/19 – 1/5/18) *Supporting you through the toughest time of the year for Empaths

Winter/Spring 2018 (1/28/18 - 5/4/18)

So today, give yourself permission to invest in YOU. Keep your appointments with yourself. Get the unseen help you need and get the mentor you need. You'll find that your magic and prosperity follow suit, and step up to work with you as a result. 

You are worthy of actualizing your potential---no matter what. Believe in You! 

Join me, Jade Rehder, Evolutionary Empath Awakening guide, Creator of KLEAR Activation transformation technologies, and facilitator of the Awaken to the Power Within group coaching on a journey to change your life for the better. 

P.S. I have ONE, yes only ONE spot left for a VIP Awaken Your Light Intensive this month with a special $500 savings Sweet right! 

P.P.S. I want you to start the second half of the year off right so it's my gift to you. Apply for an intensive with me by booking a consult with me right here​​​​​​​.

Bright Blessings of Aloha

I SEE you Empath and You Matter!



For 90 days, you will have support 5 times each week!!!

So, you can test drive what it is like I am doing a FREE week of Empaths ~ Awaken to the Power Within group coaching.

7/23 – 7/28/17 Join US Register Here

Our topic of the first week is to Awaken - Being OK Being You.​​​​​​​


You will create a deeper awareness of what energy, emotions and thoughts you are restricting you from Being You and learn some skills and techniques to shift your experience. 

You will do a KLEAR Activation Healing to Release the imprint of Taking Things Personally

You will Awaken the Divine Energies inside you that are suppressed giving you access to more Calm, Peace, and Inner Feel Good energy!

The magical vortex of ​​​​​​​Awaken to the Power Within group coaching is here!