Empaths- access lifesaving tools so you can THRIVE!

Do you feel overwhelmed because of your empathic gifts? Do you have the tools to navigate this stressful world with joy? 

Congratulations! You are one of the lucky people who have discovered that you can interpret this reality more fully in joy! 

Being an Empath can be a beautiful gift and a super power- if you have the support and tools. 

Jade has created the way that you can go from struggling to thriving with her KLEAR activations, KLEAR Specialty programs, trainings and coaching plans. This is the fastest way to connect with your authentic self and embrace your gifts to manifest your full power.  

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Awaken to the Power Within - Transformational Coaching and Healing Membership

Join a group coaching program that supports your personal evolution. Expand your consciousness and your empathic gifts while you create more joy and love in your life.  For details about the program and schedule, please click the link below. 

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KLEAR Specialty Packages

Now you can select from the constantly expanding list of programs to use to support your conscious growth.  Included with each package is Jade’s recommendation on how to use the recordings so you can work on yourself whenever you need support. 

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KLEAR Activations

Select one or more KLEARS for instant Empathic relief! 

Some of these same activations are in packages too. 

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Online Events

Review our schedule of upcoming online trainings and events! Jade is here to guide you when you're taking bigger risks, stepping out onto a "bigger stage" – especially when you encounter new blocks and limiting beliefs, these programs will shift you quickly. 

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Rocks that TALK Shop

Crystals, or Rocks as I love to call them, are quite underrated, and many people are not aware of how beneficial they can be to their well-being. They can enhance your life so much!

Crystals have been used for millions of years, not only at home but also for crystal healing on people to support health and well-being.

Jade is a master at using the healing power of crystals for her clients. Her knowledge can support you to benefit from crystals and semi-precious gemstones and their own unique properties. As a skilled crystal healer, Jade can intuit what gemstone will fortify your journey now. 

For details about the current inventory, please click the link below.

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