Manage My Energy NOW ​​​​​​​

Empaths, this 3-month program will transform your life! Learn self- empowerment tools to manage your energy and emotions, so you can navigate the obstacles of life and business. Jade is an expert at uncovering your blocks quickly and then supporting you with the exact KLEAR processes to release your blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Imagine being able to manage your own major emotional and mental challenges in only three months! 


  • 1 Briefing Call*

  • 9 KLEAR One on One Coaching Sessions*** 

  • 2 KLEAR Audio Remedy Sets Selected for you by Jade Rehder  

  • Limited email access 

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In these times of rapid change, with so much to do and so little time to do it, you need supportive practices and guides. For many successful, soulful business people, Jade Rehder is the magical coach that helps them find their soul’s purpose and map a course to following it. 

What if creating a fulfilling life could be as simple as being who you are, and doing what you love?

Jade’s coaching can guide you to:

  • Develop your empathic core-essentials

  • Release your blocks to success with KLEAR activations

  • Keep moving forward even when a fear or challenge shows up

  • Make better decisions

  • Live a joyful life 

  • Have superior relationships with yourself and others

  • Create abundance in all areas of your life

  • Identify and fulfill your soul mission on earth

  • Amplify your magical light

  • Transform and reconnect to your soul

  • Discover real emotional freedom

  • Attract the right people into your life

  • Release your stuck energy of anxiety and fear

  • And more!

Experience Soul Level Transformation with Jade’s Evolutionary Coaching and KLEAR activations!

To see if Jade’s experiential KLEAR Coaching practices are right for you, schedule a 15-min. free session here. 

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Hear what Julianne said about working with Jade:

“1. The KLEAR process has helped enormously in my nutrition practice by releasing the pattern of "being invested in their health outcome/I am responsible for their outcome" and changing this pattern to "holding a space for them as whole and capable." By holding a space for them from this place of trust in their innate healer, I broke free from the pattern of needing acceptance and approval from my clients. This has freed my energy from being drained by my practice to being inspired to share from my knowledge base without attachment to the outcome as well as having much greater clarity in assisting them with achieving their health goals.

2. The KLEAR process has shifted me from being affected by everyone's emotional state around me to being able to discern what is mine and what are other's emotional states. This has profound effects-before KLEAR process being in pain and getting depleted out in the world to now being able to access a state of joy/peace/well-being from within-connecting the Divine.

3. Clearing unworthiness/not deserving beliefs and shifting them to feeling worthy/trusting that "Source is perpetually giving and offers Infinite Supply." Jade has helped me remove the blocks to self-worth/self-love.  

Thank you Jade Rehder for your amazing service to Empaths!”

Hear what Roger House of Carbondale, Colorado, has to say about working with Jade:

“Working with Jade has been the best decision I made in over 15 years. Let me explain... We all have stories and my stories had brought me all the way to living in my car. I struggled with relationships, work, and most importantly believing in myself. After one KLEAR session, many of my issues were gone! Knowing that we could do more I requested that Jade work with me even more. I am happy to say that all the issues I use to have that held me back are gone, and now I am attracting clients to me instead of searching for them, I am living with a lovely lady and most importantly, I believe in myself. 

Jade's work has been the best thing that ever happened to me, and just for the record, I am 60 years old and have had some of these issues since 5 years of age. So I believe it's never too late. Thanks Jade and hope others find the freedom I have found with KLEAR.” 

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Your Sacred Exchange in Manage My Energy NOW is only $2,222!

Act Now - limited spots are open at this level!

Transform from the Inside-Out 

Get even more results from this 6 Month program- and more quickly than the Manage My Energy NOW program.   

Do you want to finally change your life and enjoy your special empathic gifts? First we work together to give you the tools to gain awareness to manage and move your energy at will.  Then we uncover your blocks to joyful creation, and remove them with KLEARS- customized for your specific needs. The clarity and joy you will uncover will thrill you! You will be amazed at powerful changes available to you with Jade’s magical support. 


  • 1 Discovery Call**

  • 24 KLEAR One on One Coaching sessions*** 

  • 5 KLEAR Audio Remedy Sets

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • Weekly Spiritwave Healing Activations****

Your Sacred Exchange in Evolve My Life is only $4,444!

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Claim Your Authority and Gifts NOW

Jade’s high energy coaching is designed to transform you from the inside out. Now you can make you, your energy, and your happiness a priority for an entire year!  If you are ready to achieve lasting mindset breakthroughs with a whole new perspective on your life and self-worth, this is the perfect program for you. Jade can guide you to experience how you can gain control of your Being and unleash massive success in all areas of your life. 

With Jade’s energetic support and guidance, you can design and create the life of your dreams! Discover leading edge strategies to design your life, leverage your time, and massively expand your abundance potential.

The purpose of this program is to recreate yourself anew in the grandest vision of who you really are. 

You gain skills to manage your energy and emotions, clean up the blocks, negative emotions, to design the life you want to live. 


  • 1 Discovery Call** 

  • 36 KLEAR One on One Coaching Sessions***

  • Lifetime Access to the Full KLEAR Library

  • Bonus Access to Awaken to the Power Within Experience

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • Text Access

  • Weekly Spiritwave Healing Activations****

Hear what Lisa Lu has to say about working with Jade:

“I have worked with Jade for well over a year now and with her assistance, I've made some amazing changes in my life. A lot of my experiences with Jade fall under her Quantum Transformational practices and it has been a wonderful journey. I've worked at resolving many root causes of emotions and thought patterns that no longer served my highest and best life…I've also learned so much from working with her as an awakening empath and her outstanding coaching abilities.  Highly knowledgeable and she freely shares these wisdom gems in our sessions! While it's challenging to describe all the wonderful, and all-encompassing work I've accomplished with Jade, I highly recommend working with her… I know my life is in a tremendously different and better place now than it was 14 months ago and I'm still on my journey…”      Lisa Lu

Your Sacred Exchange in Claim Your Authority and Gifts NOW $8,888!

*Briefing Call- this is a 30-minute call where you will share the biggest challenges you are facing related to your energy and emotion management. This will give us a basis to support your energy management evolution.  

**Discovery Session – this 60-minute question and answer call is about you downloading what gets in your way at a deep level this is only session where some of your story will com out to find what the matrix of your blocks and limiting beliefs look like, so I can best serve you on your evolution journey. 

***KLEAR Coaching Model – this is different from standard coaching because the focus is on quantum learning and using energy practices and transcending energy imprints that are creating blocks, negative experiences and limiting beliefs while bringing in your highest consciousness. Your quantum transformation evolution supports your desires. At each session, you bring the biggest challenges you’re facing (without story) and Jade intuits the symptoms/challenges and find the energetic and emotional causal energy pattern to replace. This is customized to you and your needs. You will replace 1-2 pattern imprints each session. 45 minutes in length.  

****Spiritwave – Crystalline Light Body Evolution Activation Sessions

Human DNA uses photon light as a feedback system of communication through energy waves, which are encoded and transfer information back and forth.  These waves create your natural state of being and your awakened consciousness set point. The Spiritwave light table creates a vortex that produces zero-point balance energy. In the zero-point vortex, all negative and positive forces interact, blend, unite and amplify to eliminate the polarity of fear and love continuum. This unified field creates light presence in your body, mind and spirit. When light is alive and activated in the holographic mind, your visualizations are projected into the quantum field carrying the light with them. Photon light is the carrier of intelligence, consciousness, and information that particulates into manifestation in your physical reality.

The zero-point field of the cosmic center (black hole) enables molecules to speak to each other non-locally, instantaneously in the oscillating frequencies through entrainment. During a Spiritwave® session you receive a continuous steam of crystalline photon light intelligence in your energy fields. Connecting at zero point to the alignment of the Great Central Sun inside you and the cosmic core allows this light to amplify. This light transfers Divine Intelligence into your brain, the micro crystals in the pineal gland, blood, genetic code and awakened heart. 

Water and crystal silica act as conduits of light current infusing your consciousness with Divine Intelligence. The incoming stream of crystal light codes replenishes your human aura and transfers source consciousness into your DNA. The codes build your crystal cellular structure and active dormant soul codes, soul templates, and fuels the physical body. As you become a living conduit of this crystal light, through a series of Spiritwave® sessions, the entrainment of your crystalline body allows you to ascend into higher and higher realms of expansion, expression, conscious evolution, and manifestation.

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Evolutionary Coaching

How can you work directly with Jade Rehder? 

Through her Evolutionary Coaching Programs below:

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Hear what Gay Lynn Freeman has to say about working with Jade:

"Jade has worked with me helping me to make profound changes in my life, well-being, emotionally as well as physically". I HIGHLY encourage anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level to work with Jade and learn what she has to share, teach and bring forth from within you.  I am grateful to say I will never be the same.  I live life with purpose and certainty I could have not achieved without her coaching teaching and help.”  Gay Lynn Freeman

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To see if Jade’s experiential KLEAR Coaching practices are right for you, schedule a 15-min. free session here. ​​​​​​​

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