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Do you feel like you are ready to claim your place along Jade and other masters to awaken to your highest potential?

This mentoring program can fast track you to align you with your higher self and fulfill your life’s purpose. The times for hiding are over- humanity needs all masters to step up now!

What if you could be guided by Jade Rehder to release blocks and agreements, and replace them with your divine soul connection and power? 

Jade will create a step by step personalized process for you so you can shift your life in only months! Her VIP coaching and KLEAR activations can release your block to success. You will be empowered to do this for yourself using these powerful tools. 

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Embody Your Divine Self

Embody Your Divine Self Program offers:

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A fast track way to align you to your higher self

A customized solution to your unique issues and ways to release them

Magical processes that will leave you forever uplifted

A magical way to stop second-guessing yourself

A way for you to build new life skills so you can hold healthy boundaries 

Jade’s customized KLEARS so you can manifest abundance

You the path to create magic memories for yourself and your loved ones

A way for you to Embrace your Spiritual, Empathic & Psychic gifts

A way for you to release confusion and claim your power 

A membership to Jade’s FB group, Embody Your Divine Self

When you join the Embody Your Divine Self program, you also get access to a community of like-minded empaths who believe in the steady refusal to settle and the willingness to take good risks in the pursuit of a joyful, happy, and abundant life. 

Finally, you can live fully and in alignment with your soul!

Are you ready?

“Jade knows how to return your consciousness, body, mind and energy from a space of separation, stress and wounding; to a place of wholeness, harmony and your highest potential.”


~ Kathy Mason,

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Just think, in only 6 months you could have the life of your dreams!

Imagine, you have worked with Jade for 6 months. Your life is peaceful and full of joy. You look and feel different- better- than you ever have. Life is an adventure. You use your spiritual gifts to uplift and support others. Your new abundance gives you the freedom to share your gifts with the world. You are delighted to be in service and joy…

Jade offers you an opportunity to use your innate powers at a very high level with: 

  • Weekly private coaching call focused on moving you forward in your evolution and embodiment customized to your needs.

  • Unlimited email and text support – it’s like having my support anytime coach in your pocket 

  • Six support laser coaching calls for acute situations

  • Monthly Ascension group activation and personal ascension practice to participate in enhancing your energy bodies, accessing more Divine flow, increasing your heart connection and holding more light 

  • Personal custom mantra for meditation and energy shifting – a simple and short sound set that is connected to your personal vibration

  • Embodiment tracking – showing you where your progress and what may still need to be cleared from your path. Giving you a visual to celebrate your journey

  • Virtual VIP day from a sacred site – places like Hawaii, Ireland, Mount Shasta, Greece or where ever this adventure takes me! Experience magical Sacred Site activations of light and ancient wisdom from the land and the ancestors to increase your energy-bodies access to magic and miracles. (1 per 6 months)

  • Initiation into Alchemical Elemental Healing with crystals, sound and breath to give you a personal healing skill to use for yourself or your family

  • Reiki Level One (6 months) and Two (12 months) Initiation to enhance you self-healing abilities 

  • Life Purpose dharma embodiment and acceleration – allowing your path to step into your dharma to be shorten, so you can live your purpose and dream.

  • Klear Karmic patterns - advance your evolution and receive your training efficiently so you can use them to advance your consciousness

Jade will bring you into her morning practice. You will have a space on her altar, with:

  • Daily prayers, Hawaiian chants and energy symbols to hold space hold with the highest vibration/mana to support you in receiving your intentions. 

  • Daily Cosmic light body healing work and activation – this with your permission done for you enhancement of your light body reduce the chaotic energy in your field, infuses more light and accelerate your light body anchoring and activation

  • Your personal Klear activation recording library 

  • Monthly blessed and activated Rocks that Talk set hand picked to meet your energy support and expansion needs. 

The investment for one-on-one training with master Jade Rehder is:

12 Months   $17,777

If you are ready to step up to learn mastery of your magical gifts from Jade’s mystery school lineage, this opportunity is perfect for you. Don’t delay - there are limited seats available. 

Jade will meet with you to see if this is the best program for you. Remember, this is a fast-track opportunity! ​​​​​​​