​​​​​​Every day, Jade will include you in her meditation in the positive energy vortex to support you in raising your vibration, accessing more of your Divine self, holding light, and feeling worthy as you Awaken to the Power Within. 


Jade’s passion is to support other empathic people through the dense jumble of emotional and mental restrictions that plague us. She has lived through the pain of PTSD, activation of my pain body, divorces, intense losses and betrayal. She went down the path to the dark night of her soul and can lead you out of the illusion too. 

She can support you so your process is faster and less painful. Just think, you can get special energetic support to have the life of your dreams!

You can: 

  • Be more positive and joyful

  • Trust yourself, your gifts and your connection to source 

  • Live life more peacefully

  • Stay out of the drama and triggers and notice when you are in one quickly 

  • Lessen the thought loops and the critic in your head

  • Get out of judgment

  • Know what emotions and pain are yours 

  • Get your Happy back 

  • Live in more Joy

  • Expand your perspective

  • Release your destructive, disconnecting, hurtful and sabotaging belief systems (BS) 

  • Increase your self-belief muscle to get over the obstacles that come up in life

  • Understand your flow so you can create a life and business that work for you 

  • Clear your lens so you can shine your Light in this world and make a difference. 

  • Own your intuitive gifts so they can grow

Awaken to the Power Within You!
APW 3.0 BEgins mid-July

11 Weeks of quantum transformation of your whole self ~ body, mind and spirit. 

​​​​​​​Every Week During the Program: 

Monday - Live Topic Chat & Questons

Wednesday – Live Klear Channeled Activation

Friday – Live Healing Call - Accelerate & Support 

Call time TBD by Group Vote

Calls will be around 30 mins 

You can join Live when it works for you. If you are busy and miss the Live, it will be posted that day in our private members only FB group Awaken to the Power Within Exclusive, so you can participate when it works in your schedule. You will receive great benefit participating with the recordings, receiving distance healing session each week and being involved in the Facebook Group.

Are you ready to FINALLY shift your world for the better?

You are a powerful creator but like a radio, you may be tuned into other people’s emotions and drama. Do you want to learn how to control what affects you?

Awaken to the Power Within is a group coaching program that can change your life completely in only a few months!

This experience is designed specifically for Empaths, Intuitive, and Conscious people who want to release all the blocks they can NOW to living a joyful life. Your reconnection to your soul and your soul’s mission will be revealed to you, week by week, as you release your blocks with Jade’s guidance and her remarkably strong KLEAR activations. 

Previous clients have released blocks to happiness in their relationships, business, money issues, and benefits of reduced stress and anxiety. They have received powerful insights along with processes that transform issues quickly. Jade and her KLEAR activations will raise your vibration swiftly and easily like never before! 

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Investment $665* one time


$99 payments for 8 mo


*This is lifetime membership as long as I am doing
APW you have access to all versions


Awaken to the Power Within

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Enjoy your expansion, embrace your empathic gifts, manage your energy and emotions while you evolve into your purpose and light


Jade holds a space of high vibrational resonance for the entire group, providing tools, clearings, healings and coaching to support you in evolving your mind and emotions toward your emotional independence and personal sovereignty. From that place, you remember you’re already empowered and trust the power within to guide you. 

This is a Living project that will grow, expand and transform. Once you join, you have a lifetime membership! (Lifetime means: As long as I am doing this project you are a part of it.) Each time the 90-day experience is launched, you are encouraged to join us live. Each time, you can go deeper on a trouble area to transform and shift even more. As a lifetime member, you will always have access to the recordings.