Jade Rehder, is an alchemic transformational coach, empath whisperer, certified energy coach, shamanic practitioner, advance practitioner of ancient Hawaiian huna la’au kahea and founder of a new healing technology, KLEAR. 

KLEAR is the culmination of 17 years of study, experience of working on thousands of people, higher guidance, intuitive inspirations, and training in making change at the causal level beyond the access of mind and ego. 

Jade is an experienced coach who can intuit what energetic support you need to get to your next evolutionary level of awakening. The changes can be instantly life changing! She can guide you to use KLEAR recordings or for those people who want to accelerate the process, she can work one on one with you so you can shift quickly and safely. She is an expert at Empath Empowerment. 

Jade knows firsthand what difficulties empaths suffer and has created remedies to shift highly sensitive people swiftly. As an empath, she was sensitive to the energy and emotions emanating from people, animals and even the earth. She has the innate ability to scan people’s auras, physical, mental and emotional states. These paranormal skills allow her to support others in a remarkable way and in many cases, give people the freedom to fearlessly enjoy their lives.  

- Creative empath and intuitive

- A strong drive to help others to uncover their Empathic Gifts

- Hawaiian Alakahi Student Teacher (Huna la’au kahea teachings)

- Studied Peruvian and North American Shamanism

- Reiki master

- Alchemist

- Matrix Energetics training

- NLP Certified Trainer

- Life Coach certification

- Expert at healing with energy

- Remarkable Crystal knowledge

- A Strong connection to higher dimensional Beings

- The founder of KLEAR, a new transformation technology for conscious evolution

Jade’s Empath Empowerment Skills:

As a Coach to Awaken Evolutionary Empaths, Jade has developed a way to help awaken divine powers in her clients, especially empaths. She is an expert at awakening and empowering Evolutionary Empaths and has created a series of products, services, and trainings to help these gifted Beings develop their reconnection to their soul mission. Jade offers the best advice possible for Empaths currently on earth. 

According to Jade, most of the people who are sensitive empaths are part of the support team helping Earth ascend to higher dimensions now. Through cultural and family conditioning, they may have shut down their gifts. Jade has developed a quick and easy way for these gifts to be ignited and used to serve humanity, using her remarkable KLEAR activations. 

And as the new energies from the sun transform the Earth and her inhabitants, many more people will awaken to their empathic gifts. They will need a guide to work with these “evolutionary” or higher dimensional connections to their souls. Jade Rehder can claim this role as teacher and guide now, using her KLEAR program and its success. 

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About Jade Rehder

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How does Jade give the best advice for empaths?

During a session, Jade connects to Infinite Consciousness while utilizing her voice to open a direct portal to God/Source. She then connects vibrationally with the frequencies of all your imbalances, integrates and harmonizes them, while catalyzing healing and awakening at the most profound level. This work can create lasting transformation, because it literally shifts and replaces the energy on all levels of body, mind, and time.

Your consciousness becomes KLEAR and is reminded of its original frequency map. It is Alchemy, as it uses high consciousness energies to transcend and completely transform the energy of the old pattern and replace it fully with your Source divine blueprint. 

Jade has created a series of trainings that empower evolutionary empaths- those conscious change agents that are here to help humanity evolve from Third dimensional awareness to Fifth dimensional living. This remarkable work can save lives! Jade offers the best advice possible for empaths to thrive. 

Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below it, and with it comes a greater knowing, more freedom, and a more expansive understanding of reality. Evolution to the next dimensional level requires a shift in consciousness where you are vibrating in resonance with that dimension. Jade Rehder’s KLEAR can help you transmute the heavy energies that you carry so that you can experience the freedom of these higher dimensional frequencies.