The Jade Rehder group supports the upliftment of humanity by being shamanic wayshowers to the higher dimensional potentials. We empower and KLEAR empathic, intuitive and sensitive people to embrace their gifts, remove their blocks, heal and powerfully co-create a world of integrity, compassion and unconditional love. Our tribe of enlightened, evolutionary empaths with their Divine gifts AWAKENED constantly expand their alchemic capabilities by engaging with our training, coaching, books, retreats and other online and offline programs. Come join us in this new higher dimensional world!

Our Mission

As a Transformational Coach, Jade Rehder has developed a way to help awaken divine powers in her clients, especially empaths. She is an expert at Awakening Evolutionary Empaths and has created a series of products, services, and trainings to help these gifted Beings develop their reconnection to their soul mission. 

According to Jade, most of the people who are sensitive empaths are part of the support team helping Earth ascend to higher dimensions. Through cultural and family conditioning, they may have shut down their gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) clairsentience (clear feeling), or claircognizance (clear knowledge).  Jade has developed a quick and easy way for these gifts to be ignited and used to serve humanity, using her evolutionary KLEAR activations and conscious coaching skills. She offers the best advice for Empaths currently available on our planet. 

And as the new energies from the sun transform the Earth and her inhabitants, many more people will awaken to their empathic gifts. They will need a guide to work with these “evolutionary” or higher dimensional connections to their souls. Jade Rehder can claim this role as teacher and guide now, using her KLEAR program and its success. 

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